Jemison approves permanent city clerk

Published 11:04 am Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Jemison City Council unanimously approved to appoint a permanent city clerk for the city, after the former city clerk resigned this summer.

The council voted Monday to appoint Sylvia Singleton as the permanent city clerk after council members previously voted Aug. 18 to appoint Singleton as the temporary city clerk.

Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed told the council Singleton has done a great job since being appointed as the temporary clerk.

“We are proud of the work she has done, and is doing here for our city,” Reed said. “It is not an easy job, but I am personally proud of what she is doing. It means a lot to this council and to the residents of our city.”

Councilman Rex Bittle echoed Reed’s statements saying he was excited about the work Singleton was doing as the city clerk.

The council also voted to pass an ordinance affecting new water customers through the Public Water System of the city of Jemison.

The ordinance No. 10-20-14, establishes an “availability fee” for the connection of water service for new customers at a rate of $125 for legal landowners.

Ordinance also states that an availability fee of $250 is required for renters for the connection of water service, and landowners are required to sign the renter agreements with the city.

The landowners are responsible for all water bills if the renter does not pay.

Reed explained to the council that the ordinance would only affect new customers, and did not apply to existing water customers throughout the city.

“It costs the city more than $200 to put a new water meter in, and has become quite costly for us,” Reed said.

The council also voted to approve a petitioned request from a resident who lives on County Road 148 to put speed bumps on the street.

The resident, Holly Wilson, who was present at the meeting, submitted a list of required signatures for the council to consider the petition to place the speed bumps on the road.

Wilson said she estimated she acquired 10-12 signatures to have the speed bumps placed near 201 County Road 148.

“There is lots of traffic on that road, and this will definitely slow people down,” Reed said.

Bittle asked Reed how much it would cost the city to place the speed bumps in the area.

Reed said it wouldn’t cost the city much money with the majority of the cost going to placing road signs near the speed bumps to alert motorists about the bumps.

“The signs will be about $30 a piece, and I would think we would need about eight signs,” Reed said. “We aren’t talking about a lot of money.”

The council also voted to declare a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria and a 2008 Chevrolet Impala as salvage.