Chilton County Sheriff’s Department reports for the week of Sept. 29, 2014

Published 12:35 pm Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from Sept. 17-23:

Sept. 17
•Burglary, third degree; theft of property, second degree: County Road 453, Clanton
•Death investigation: Clanton
•Fire: County Road 42, Jemison
•Burglary, third degree; unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle: Calera
•Domestic violence, third degree: 400 Block of County Road 36, Maplesville
•Domestic violence, third degree: County Road 127, Montevallo

Sept. 18
•Civil matter: 2000 block of County Road 42, Jemison
•Domestic violence, third degree: Montevallo
•Domestic violence, second degree: 700 block of County Road 753, Clanton
•Harassment: 3000 block of County Road 50, Jemison

Sept. 19
•Custody dispute: Spring Drive, Wetumpka
•Theft of property, second degree; burglary, third degree: Gun Cabinet, Billingsley
•Burglary, second degree: 200 block of County Road 147, Calera
•Criminal mischief, third degree: 1000 block of County Road 109, Montevallo
•Assault, third degree: 5000 block of Alabama Highway 191, Jemison
•Domestic violence, third degree; minor in possession/consumption of alcohol: Montevallo
•Domestic incident: 100 block of County Road 24, Thorsby
•Wreck with injuries: 1800 block of County Road 251, Clanton
•Repo incident: Montevallo

Sept. 20
•Death (hospice): Clanton
•Domestic violence, third degree; possession of drug paraphernalia: Verbena
•Possession of marijuana, second degree; illegal possession of prescription drugs: Verbena
•Domestic incident, third degree: 1000 block of County Road 491, Clanton

Sept. 21
•Theft of property, third degree; criminal mischief, third degree: County Road 860, Jemison
•Domestic violence, third degree: County Road 966, Clanton
•Burglary, third degree: 4000 block of County Road 41, Jemison
•Theft of property, third degree: Clanton

Sept. 22
•Possession of a controlled substance; possession of marijuana, second degree; possession of drug paraphernalia: County Road 1027, Clanton
•Rape, first degree; sodomy, second degree: 200 block of County Road 555, Verbena
•Suspicious incident: Verbena
•Fraudulent use of a credit/debit card: 8000 block of County Road 73, Montevallo

Sept. 23
•Domestic violence, third degree: Bedroom, Verbena
•Animal complaint: Yard, Montevallo
•Burglary, third degree: Montevallo
•Theft of property, second degree; theft of property, third degree: 7000 block of Alabama Highway 19, Maplesville