Shelter to run cat adoption specials through October

Published 5:00 pm Monday, September 29, 2014

The Humane Society of Chilton County will run an adoption special on cats and kittens through the end of October.

Anyone who adopts a cat or kitten through Oct. 31 will pay only $40 per animal, which is half of the regular rate of $80 per animal.

“The cat will still be spayed or neutered, have a microchip and have all shots up to date,” Humane Society Board Secretary Katherine Reece said. “The cat will be what we refer to as ‘fully vetted.’ The price is good for cats and kittens.”

Reece said shots each animal will receive before adoptions include Bordetella (kennel cough) and rabies vaccines.

“You will be good for a year on shots,” Reece said. “With any adoption at the shelter, you get a free visit with a Chilton County vet within three days of the adoption.”

Reece said the shelter has a wide variety of cats and kittens people may choose to adopt.

“We have all types of cats—long hair, short hair, orange tabby,” Reece said. “We have plenty of cats and kittens, so there’s not going to be an issue about looking for a certain type.”

In addition to the adoption special, the shelter is announcing the opening of its cat adoption center.

“It is a building on the shelter grounds that we have been working on for about a year now just for cats,” Reece said. “We’re still doing some work on it, but the cats can go ahead and start moving into it.”

The 380-square-foot center next to the shelter will provide more space for cats and kittens awaiting adoption to roam around an outside play area and enclosed rooms.

“They can go outside or they can come inside,” Reece said. “We could probably keep about 30 cats in the center plus 15 kittens, but we still have the cat room currently in the shelter itself. Eventually, that’s not going to be in the shelter building.”

Reece said a recent influx of new volunteers has helped speed up the process of finishing the cat adoption center.

“It has been a pretty long project,” Reece said. “We had a big volunteer workday down there and had about 40 volunteers who showed up to that. A lot of those volunteers are continuing to volunteer.”

For more information about the center or adopting a cat or kitten for the discounted October rate may call (205) 755-9170 or go by the shelter, which is located at 139 Shade Tree Drive in Clanton.