Local church to hold mass baptism service Sunday

Published 6:15 pm Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lomax Assembly of God in Clanton will hold its first mass baptism Sunday in which hundreds of people are expected to be baptized in a large pool in front of the church.

Lomax Assembly of God in Clanton will hold its first mass baptism Sunday in which hundreds of people are expected to be baptized in a large pool in front of the church.

More than 100 people are expected to be baptized in a pool Sunday morning in front of Lomax Assembly of God in Clanton.

The church will hold a mass baptism service titled “I Choose Jesus, Afresh and Anew” for those who recently have been saved or have recommitted their lives to Jesus Christ.

“It’s for those who have made Jesus Christ the lord of their life and for those who are choosing Jesus for the first time,” Lomax Associate Pastor Erron Price said. “We’ve made it where it’s really open to people of all walks of life.”

Price said the service will start at 10 a.m. with praise and worship and preaching in the sanctuary, but those who wish to be baptized need to meet in the front lobby of the church by 9:30 a.m. to receive instructions.

“There will be about an hour service in our sanctuary,” Price said. “Then, we will transition outside to the front church yard where the pool has been set up.”

Price said the mass baptism would probably last about 30 minutes.

Price, Calhoun and Lomax Youth Pastor Trevor Ellison will be in the pool baptizing three people at a time.

“All of us as pastors will be re-baptized as well,” Price said. “We’re all afresh and anew recommitting ourselves to Christ. We have a couple young adults that are baptizing their parents. We’re just really excited about that.”

Price defined baptism as a “public confession of your commitment to Christ and salvation.”

“In contemporary terms, baptism is an outward expression of an inward work by God,” Price said. “We’re doing it outside. We wanted to show the community the importance of baptism and as a witness to our community that salvation and baptism is for everybody.”

Sunday will mark the first time Lomax holds a mass baptism service.

Price said Senior Pastor Jeff Calhoun had the idea for the service and its title, “I Choose Jesus, Afresh and Anew,” to emphasize the meaning and importance of baptism in believers’ lives.

“God birthed to [Calhoun] just the idea and the vision behind it a couple months ago during his sabbatical,” Price said. “It definitely has gone over really well.”

Price said people do not have to sign up before the service to be baptized Sunday.

Those who plan to be baptized need to bring a towel and dress in appropriate clothing to be fully immersed in water.

They also need to be old enough to be unassisted going into the pool, Price said.

Music will be played during the baptism.

“We really want it to be a time of celebration, a time of excitement,” Price said. “We’ve really encouraged people to invite friends and family to come and participate in this day of celebration.”

Price stressed that the mass baptism is open to all people, regardless of gender, race and cultural backgrounds.

“There’s such a diverse group of people that are choosing to be a part of this baptism, and that’s really, really neat,” Price said. “The goal of the church is to be accepting of everyone and to be multi-cultural. That’s our goal: to make disciples of all nations.”

Lomax Assembly of God is located at 17580 U.S. Highway 31 North in Clanton.

For more information about the service or age guidelines for baptism, call Lomax Assembly of God at (205) 755-9587, or visit Lomaxag.com, the App Store (Lomax Assembly of God) or Facebook.com/lomaxassemblyofgod.