Locals vote in statewide run-off races

Published 3:23 pm Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Even though only one local race appeared on the Republican Primary run-off ballot Tuesday, Chilton County voters also had the opportunity to vote for candidates in statewide races.

Voter turnout for the run-off race was roughly 18 percent.

Out of 27,871 registered voters in Chilton County, 5,066 voted a Republican ballot on Tuesday with only six non-partisan ballots.

Results of statewide races listed below are unofficial since provisional ballots have not been counted yet.

Amendment 1

In Chilton County, voters showed favor for the statewide Amendment 1 deciding on a fee for Alabama’s cotton farmers. The results for the only statewide amendment on the ballot showed 2,874 voters (71.92 percent) were in favor of the amendment compared to 1,122 (28.08) who voted no.

Statewide, the amendment passed with 158,303 votes (67 percent) in favor compared to 77,653 votes (33 percent) opposed.

The United States Representative for the Sixth Congressional District

In Chilton County, Gary Palmer received 3,091 votes (62.75 percent).

Paul DeMarco received 1,835 votes (37.25).

In Alabama, Palmer received 47,491 votes (64 percent).

DeMarco received 27,295 votes (36 percent).

State Senator District 30

In Chilton County, Clyde Chambliss Jr. received 871 votes (70.53 percent).

Harris Garner received 364 votes (29.47) percent.

In Alabama, Chambliss received 8,854 votes (65 percent).

Garner received 4,802 votes (35 percent).

Secretary of State

John Merrill beat out Reese McKinney in Chilton County with Merrill receiving 2,420 votes (53.89 percent) compared to McKinney’s 2,071 (46.11 percent).

Statewide, Merrill received 108,664 votes (53 percent).

McKinney received 95,808 votes (47 percent).

State Auditor

In Chilton County, Jim Zeigler received 2,893 votes (64.73 percent).

Dale Peterson received 1,576 votes (35.27 percent).

Statewide, Zeigler claimed victory with 131,543 votes (65 percent) compared to Peterson’s 71,085 votes (35 percent).

Public Service Commission Place No. 2

Chris “Chip” Beeker Jr. beat out challenger Terry Dunn with 2,898 votes (65.48 percent) compared to Dunn’s 1,528 (34.52 percent).

Statewide, Beeker received 119,041 votes (59 percent).

Dunn received 81,563 (41 percent).