Church News for Thursday, May 29

Published 11:45 am Monday, June 16, 2014

Bethsalem Baptist Church

We had a great day of worship. Bro. Bobby welcomed everyone and preached his last message as our interim pastor. His sermon title was “The Sacrifice of One” from John 15:12-14.

Our Memorial Day remembrance reminded us that freedom is not free. There was no evening service.

VBS will begin on June 2, and our new pastor, Bro. Justin Jackson, will be here on June 1.

Pray for Stephanie Hinton, Percy Scott, Shirley Cobb, Robyn Denham, Nate Jones, Charles Bryant, Hunter Moore, Kathy Headley, Ralph Patterson, Paul Price, Rebecca Martin, Wayne Smith, Mark Walker, Sid Griner, Lynetta Bolden, Jessie Phillips, Jason Nelson, Dan

Tessin, George and Diane Williams, Bob and Berthany Hollis, Lula Spigner, Debbie Powell and the Thompson family.

Happy Birthday to Linder Parker, Mason Pack, Tonia Spigener, Ashley Traywick, Kenny Bevers, Gavin Arnold, Dylan Jackson and Kamdyn Day.

We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Come and visit with us on Sunday.

Cedar Grove Church

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Prayer concerns: Bobbie Giles, Earl Giles, Byron Cummings, Nancy Jones, Bert Thaxton, T.J. Jones’ family, the families of the college shooting victims in California and all those in the hospitals and nursing homes.

We were blessed again today in our worship with God, as always at Cedar Grove. We heard not only a great message by our pastor, but we also heard a wonderful testimony by Norma Muir followed by a special song “David Play Your Harp.” It was very touching.

Pastor Jeff Carroll’s text comes from 1 Corinthians 7:17 – 24 “Staying Put with God.”

The direction is so simple: Paul is telling us to not be stepping out of the will of God, especially toward others. We find that too many people are confused, unsure and undecided about whether they want to serve God or not. We need to get right and stay right with God. We see a lot of church-hoppers looking for the perfect church that says and does what pleases men, not God. God wants us to get somewhere and stay rooted in his Word.

Circumcision was a commandment of the old covenant between God and Abraham. When we become saved, God wants us to go forward, changed in our inner spirit and in our hearts and minds serving him. What is on the outward man such as circumcision or non-circumcision is of no consequence; the keeping of God’s commandments is what matters. There is an equality in Jesus. We are bought with a price. Be ye not servants of man. In other words, when we are washed by the blood of Jesus and our sins are forgiven, we are now first and foremost servants of God, to stay in his will where he wants us to be. Jesus paid the full price. He shed his blood for each and every one of us so that we could be free and we are free indeed.

I ask you what does it prophet a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? We cannot serve man and God. We are children of the King and we obtained liberty in Christ Jesus. The world cannot stop what God has ordained. Rise up and stand for God. Stick with God and his calling on your life. Glory to God. The decision is ours; no one can take that from us or make the decision for us. What is your answer today?

We welcome everyone to join us for some old-time worship with Jesus at Cedar Grove. Love to all. God bless!