Chilton County mentoring program to expand hours

Published 11:10 pm Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Chilton County Mentoring Program is expanding its hours.

The Verbena United Methodist Church has permitted the CCMP to use the church’s facility during early evening hours on Tuesdays. Since the current program is limited to in-school mentoring at Verbena School, the increase of hours enables mentors who cannot go to the school during regular school hours to spend time mentoring students.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to maintain their skill sets during the long summer break,” said Robin Cagle, CCMP board member.

“In addition,” said Bill Pinson, president of the CCMP board, “we hope to expand to other Chilton County schools as we recruit and train additional mentors.”

Mentor Nancy Smith shared her experience during the 2013-14 school year.

“My student was delightful,” Smith said. “We met for an hour once a week at school. In addition to tutoring in math, science and English, we talked about what was going on in the student’s life, how to make smart choices, and aspirations for the future. But we had fun, too!

“We enjoyed activities like making jewelry and putting golf balls on the football field. I believe spending even a small amount of time one-on-one with a child can make a difference in his or her life—and it’s gratifying for the mentor, as well.”

The CCMP is a cooperative effort of the Chilton County Department of Human Resources, the courts, the school system and the community.

Since child safety is the most important concern, mentors are fingerprinted and pass a background check before meeting with a student.

To become a Chilton County mentor, request a mentor for your child or learn more about the program, visit