Jemison’s schedule for trash pick-up to change

Published 10:31 pm Monday, May 19, 2014

Garbage in the city of Jemison will be picked up over two days beginning June 4.

The change will affect Waste Pro customers.

The garbage containers have previously been picked up throughout the city on Tuesday, but members of the Jemison City Council unanimously voted on Monday to change the date of pickup to Wednesday and Thursday.

Each customer’s garbage will still be picked up only once each week.

Waste Pro representatives told the council that residents will be notified with a letter on their Waste Pro container May 27, regarding what day their containers will be picked up.

“Some people will have their garbage picked up on Wednesday and some will be picked up on Thursday, but each person will be notified about their specific day,” Waste Pro Division Manager Scott Corley said. “We have seen more growth, and it has forced us to create new routes on other trucks. It will allow us to free up a piece of equipment all week long.”

Mayor Eddie Reed said he was supportive of the change but voiced concerns with information not being clear as to what day pickup would be for residents.

“The only problem I foresee is the residents on Wednesday not clearly understanding that their trash will be picked up that day,” Reed said. “I have looked at the maps you have provided, but I think it needs to be clear to everyone what day their garbage is going to be picked up.”

Corley said Waste Pro would take pieces of paper and distribute them on each bin throughout the city before the change would begin June 4.

“I think the two-day thing is good for everybody,” Reed said. “People have gotten adjusted to Tuesday so getting readjusted to two days a week will take some time, but our people are educated in knowing we are trying to provide better services.”

The council unanimously voted in favor of the change.

In other news, the council:

•Voted to hire two part-time employees for help with mosquito spraying. One individual will work eight hours a week, and the other individual will work 32 hours per week.

•Voted to approve a donation of $1,500 to Butterfly Bridge Child Advocacy Center.

•Approved the annual Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Report (MWPP) to be sent to ADEM. Councilmen heard from Grady Parsons of Southwest Water who addressed the council regarding a good water quality and sewer system for 2013 after conducting the city’s annual testing.

Parsons told the council that the city received a numerical grade of 94 points out of the maximum number possible of 783 points.

“The lower the grade, the better,” Parsons told the council.

•Met in executive session for a due process hearing regarding a city employee. The council met for more than two hours in executive session and voted to deny termination of the employee shortly after 8:45 p.m.