Prepare now for elections

Published 11:55 am Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another election year is upon us.

Like every other time campaign season rolls around, Chilton County voters will make important decisions in the June 3 Primary Election, the Nov. 4 General Election, plus any run-offs that might need to be held.

Local elections for sheriff, superintendent of education, revenue commissioner and coroner will undoubtedly generate much interest. Ballots will also include votes on candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, U.S. representative, secretary of state, state auditor and Public Service Commission.

Also, a referendum on a 1-cent sales tax increase to fund the construction of a new hospital in Chilton County will be held as part of the Primary Election.

All these issues and offices will have an effect on the future of Chilton County, so we encourage residents to educate themselves before heading to the polls.

Find out for yourself exactly what is being proposed with the sales tax increase, instead of relying on what you’ve been told. Visit websites and pore over campaign literature distributed by candidates for various offices. Attend the “Meet the Candidates” event to be held May 20 at Clanton City Hall, featuring candidates for local offices, so you can hear their qualifications and plan for the offices they seek.

The Clanton Advertiser will publish an election guide in the coming days, including biographies and personal messages from the local candidates.

And be ready to go to the polls. Laws have changed, requiring voters to bring photo identification when they vote.

Our country was founded on the democratic process, and it’s the reason we’ve grown to be the greatest country in the world. This process depends on educated voters making wise decisions, so let’s all do our part.

Now is the time to prepare to make decisions that will improve Chilton County, the state, our country and the world.