BOE approves resignation of CCHS assistant principal

Published 5:25 pm Tuesday, May 13, 2014

During a special called meeting Tuesday, the Chilton County Board of Education unanimously voted to accept the resignation of Chilton County High School Assistant Principal Chris Miller.

BOE Superintendent Dave Hayden read board members a statement regarding allegations of inappropriate conduct from Miller to female faculty and staff at Chilton County High School and recent former students.

“Mr. Miller did send messages via electronic text, social media, verbal, or other means to female faculty or staff members at Chilton County High School,” Hayden said. “Said messages were of a sexual nature, inappropriate, unwelcome, and in violation of state law, federal law, and or Chilton County Board of Education Policy.”

Hayden continued to say that Miller also sent messages via electronic text, social media, verbal, or other means to one or more female individuals who were recent former students.

Hayden said the messages were also of a sexual nature.

“Mr. Miller did in the past as an employee of the Chilton County Board of Education expose his buttocks in the presence of students and others,” Hayden said. “Mr. Miller timely requested, as per the Students First Act, a hearing before this Board, and such was set for May 13 at 4 p.m. On May 9, Chris Miller, represented by Attorney William Myers, delivered an immediate unconditional letter of resignation.”

Hayden told board members that after hearing allegations against Miller, Chilton County Assistant Superintendent Willie Mae White and Hayden investigated the allegations.

At the conclusion of their investigation, Miller was served with written notice of Hayden’s recommendation for termination.

Board members unanimously voted to accept Miller’s resignation.

Hayden also asked the board to vote on posting a vacancy for Miller’s position at Chilton County High School.

Board member Pam Price told Hayden she didn’t think it was fair to post one position and not post other positions.

“We are not treating everyone the same,” Price said. “There have been vacancies at other schools and we have not voted to post those vacancies, but we are posting this position and I don’t think it is fair.”

Hayden told Price if she didn’t think the recommendation was fair to not vote for it.

“This was a wrinkle that we didn’t see coming,” Hayden said. “Sometimes we just have to make decisions.”

Price voted against the motion to post the vacancy for Miller’s position with the rest of the board voting in favor.

Miller has worked as assistant principal at Chilton County High School since Dec. 13, 2011.