Osgood found guilty on two counts of capital murder (updated)

Published 12:20 pm Friday, May 9, 2014

In the video, Osgood said he told Brown after cutting her, that he was “sorry” and it was “nothing against her” but she needed to “quit fighting and go.”

Osgood also told the investigators, who interviewed him at the Chilton County Jail, that he first got the idea to kill someone from watching an episode of CSI on television.

“After James Osgood stabbed Tracy Brown several times, he became worried that she wasn’t dying fast enough,” Robinson said. “It isn’t like the movies, it is real life, and he kept cutting, and cut, and cut. We don’t know when Tracy realized she was about to die, but she died because she was a target of someone who just wanted to kill another person.”

Jurors heard testimony Thursday morning from state medical examiner Dr. Alfredo Paredes who performed the autopsy on Brown. Paredes testified that Brown died from severe blood loss caused by multiple stab wounds.

When Paredes testified that the wound in Brown’s neck was about eight inches long and two inches wide, several of the jurors shook their head in disgust.

“The slash marks in her neck were deep,” Paredes said.

Jurors heard testimony Thursday afternoon from Debra Sansom who worked with Brown in Clanton and was helping Brown save money to purchase a vehicle.

Sansom told jurors that Brown had plans to purchase the vehicle the day she was killed.

“Tracy Brown had family, she had a job, she paid bills and she wanted a car to drive around,” Robinson said. “She was excited to buy a car; she wasn’t thinking about dying. The last minutes on earth were a living hell for Tracy Brown. She died on her bedroom floor, with her throat cut, naked, for nothing. It wasn’t for money or for revenge. It was for nothing.”