Jemison police seek help in identifying door-to-door scam

Published 4:25 pm Monday, April 14, 2014

The Jemison Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying two individuals involved in a door-to-door scam.

“We got a call last week from a long-term resident who said two males in a white truck pulled up and gave her a quote for some work she could have done to a bad spot in her driveway,” Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer said. “They told the female they would do the work for $45, but when they were finished they told her it would be $6,000. They said the price went up because they had to factor in the cost of labor, and these were two grown men dealing with an elderly female.”

Fulmer said the female provided a description to the JPD as well as a receipt for the work they had finished with a telephone number listed at the bottom of the receipt.

“We called the number and a girl answered who did not work with the men, telling us she had received a lot of calls from people who had received the same receipt,” Fulmer said. “That tells me there are probably a lot of receipts out there with this same telephone number from these guys who are scamming people.”

Fulmer said the men are driving a white truck and go to different homes offering work to residents.

“A lot of times people like this will troll a neighborhood and scope out the elderly individuals,” Fulmer said. “Once they find them, they will begin to start locating things about the home that could use some repair work. These guys are offering to do the work for certain repairs, but the price they are quoting in the beginning is not the price they are quoting once they actually do the work.”

Fulmer said the JPD is currently working with the Calera Police Department after several reports were filed in Calera matching the same description.

“We would just ask everyone to be aware,” Fulmer said. “These guys are finding people who they can convince to pay a certain amount of money, and most of the time they are elderly individuals. They might tell you they can do something for a reasonable price, but once the work is finished they are adding more money to that after you have agreed on an amount.”

Fulmer said if anyone has any information to call (205) 755-2511.