Jemison will hold spring cleanup in city April 21-25

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Jemison City Council voted Monday to set April 21-25 as spring cleanup throughout the city.

Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed said the city will pick up all unwanted household items starting April 21 for one week.

Residents are asked to have all objects they would like to discard placed by the roadside in time for pickup.

Items that will not be picked up include car batteries, paint, tires or hazardous chemicals.

“Our citizens are expecting the cleanup because we have been getting some calls from people asking when we were going to have the cleanup this year,” Reed said. “We do need to make sure people know that if the items are things like oil, car batteries, tires, etc. we will not pick those things up.”

The annual cleanup is part of an effort to beautify Jemison and offer services for a citywide cleanup once a year on items a garbage truck does not normally pick up.

The council also voted to accept the resignation of Jemison Police Officer Patrolman Ashley Gargus, effective April 3.

Both Reed and Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer said the city was losing a wonderful employee.

“I am sad to see him go; he has done an outstanding job for our city,” Reed said. “It will be tough to lose an officer of this caliber.”

Fulmer said there are some potential candidates to fill the position and requested the council allow him to post a job listing in-house for 10 days.

Reed told Fulmer that due to it being in-house he would not have to ask permission from the council to post the job.

The council also heard from Tommy Glasscock, director of LeCroy Career Technical Center in Clanton, who is running for superintendent of education in Chilton County this year on the Republican Party ticket.

Glasscock addressed the council by asking them for support during his race for superintendent.

“I graduated from Jemison High School and consider this town as my home,” Glasscock said.

Reed thanked Glasscock for the work he has done at LeCroy Career Technical Center and told the council Glassock had “proven himself as a fine leader.”

The council met in executive session to discuss pending litigation for more than 10 minutes.

At the end of the meeting, a resident asked the council to address if garbage was not placed in a Waste Pro garbage can, would Waste Pro still pick it up.

Reed said if garbage is placed in different garbage cans that are not owned by Waste Pro, they would not pick them up.

“Even if those cans have garbage in them, Waste Pro will only pick up the garbage out of the cans that are Waste Pro containers,” Reed said. “If citizens need more cans they can just call Jemison City Hall and we will get them more cans.”

Councilman Rex Bittle told the resident that Waste Pro did at one time pick up garbage in other cans but individuals were abusing the system.