Maplesville Town Hall undergoes remodeling

Published 2:55 pm Thursday, April 3, 2014

Maplesville Town Clerk Dawn Smitherman's new office is the former utilities board office, visible from the front door of town hall.

Maplesville Town Clerk Dawn Smitherman’s new office is the former utilities board office, visible from the front door of town hall.

Maplesville residents who haven’t been inside town hall in the last few weeks should expect to see several changes to employees’ offices the next time they visit.

As part of a remodeling project the town council approved in February, offices in town hall are receiving new flooring and fresh coats of paint on the walls, and employees are switching offices to better accommodate daily tasks and paperwork storage.

Town Clerk Dawn Smitherman moved into the former utilities board office last week.

The utilities board moved out of town hall in March and into a renovated space next to Maplesville Public Library.

The board moved out of town hall to have more space for storing customers’ files and other paperwork, more seating space for monthly utilities board meetings and direct access to a warehouse used for maintenance and storage of utility trucks.

The board’s former office, now occupied by Smitherman, is directly in front of the main entrance to town hall and allows her to see people immediately when they walk into town hall.

Smitherman said she is pleased with the amount of space she has in the new office.

“We have a lot more room,” Smitherman said.

Court Clerk Cindy Brown will move into Smitherman’s former office after the flooring and painting are complete.

Brown’s current office, the first door on the right upon entering town hall, will most likely be used for extra filing cabinets and storage.

So far, the remodeling project has cost about $5,200.

The council approved purchasing tile flooring from the Carpet Store and More for $3,965 and blinds for up to $800 for the offices and computer room in the library during a regular meeting March 10.

Paint, chairs, filing cabinets and other supplies from a surplus store in Montgomery constituted the rest of the total project cost.

Maplesville resident Donnie Harrison volunteered to paint the offices.

Smitherman said the project started early enough to allow employees to settle into their new offices before the town’s annual Heritage Day event takes place on April 12.

“We knew if we didn’t get in last week, we would probably have to wait till after Heritage Day,” she said.