Reports of missing pit bulls increase throughout county

Published 3:11 pm Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Within the last month, the Chilton County Humane Society has received several reports of pit bull dogs gone missing.

“We have received about five or six ‘lost reports’ of pit bull dogs who have been missing from people’s homes in the area,” Chilton County Humane Society Director Jessica Terry said. “None of the dogs who have been reported missing have turned up at the shelter, so we aren’t sure what happened to them.”

Codi Jackson’s family has spent the last four weeks searching for their missing pit bull Dagger.

“It has been very sad,” Jackson said. “We got him from a family friend and we have only had him about eight months, but he was a great dog. He was very gentle and loved to snuggle with people. I don’t think there was a mean streak in that dog.”

Jackson lives on County Road 61 in Clanton and routinely lets her three large dogs go outside in the early morning hours.

“They are all inside dogs, but I let them out each morning and they all come back,” Jackson said. “If one of them didn’t come back, you could just call for them and they would return.”