BOE approves selling timber from land

Published 6:28 pm Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Chilton County Board of Education approved Tuesday to sell timber as allowed by the state from three parcels of land the board owns in the county.

Timber sales would involve about 160 acres of the board’s land located in North Chilton County, 10 acres in South Chilton and 75 acres near Lay Dam.

Superintendent Dave Hayden said the Alabama Department of Conservation would manage the timber processing, and the board could receive between $140,000–$170,000 in proceeds from timber sales.

The board will get 80 percent of the proceeds, the state will get 10 percent and the Alabama Department of Conservation will get 10 percent.

The board must pay $250 per acre to replant all of the property.

The board agreed to earmark the money from timber sales for things such as buildings instead of placing the money in the general fund and using it for daily operating expenses.

The board agreed to vote on specifically what to earmark the money for later.

Regarding other property matters, the board approved Hayden’s recommendation to ask the state to deed about 13 acres of land located off Chilton County Road 28 (Second Avenue South) near the intersection with Alabama Highway 145 back to the board so the board can lease the land to the county for the Chilton County Fair.

The board also approved Hayden’s recommendation to ask the state to reclaim the old Chilton County Training School property and deed it back to the board so the board can create an arrangement with the CCTS alumni group, whose members want to restore and use the property for events and gatherings.

Chilton County Commissioner Bobby Agee, a member of the CCTS alumni group, asked the board Monday to contact the state to find out whether the board can reclaim ownership of the property and allow the alumni group to do work on it.

Records indicate the state board of education sold the CCTS building and surrounding property to the Chilton County Firefighters Association with the intent that the group would use the building as a regional training facility for firefighters.

The Chilton County BOE passed a resolution for the state board to sell it, and the state board agreed to do so and include a reversionary clause in the contract, which said once the property is not used for the purpose it was deeded to them for, it immediately reverts back to the BOE.

According to Agee, the property was never used as a training facility, and it was later damaged from a fire.

On Tuesday, Agee showed the board a resolution approved by the Chilton County BOE at a meeting Jan. 18, 2005.

According to board meeting minutes, Agee had asked the board to take the necessary steps to sign the deed to the CCTS property over to the alumni group so the group could restore the school to its former state. Agee had told the board the Firefighter Association had not contacted him or his group regarding a compromise with them about the property as the board had requested they do several months before.

At that time, the board approved to pass a resolution to petition the State Department of Education to exercise the reversion clause in regards in regards to the Chilton County Training School and take it back from the Firefighters Association. If approved by the state, the board would have possession of the property again can do what they want to with it.

“That’s been nine years ago, and we still have not heard anything from the state board of education,” Agee said on Tuesday. “My business here today is to ask you to intervene on our behalf and ask the state board of education for an answer to this question one way or the other so we would know.”

Agee said although the old school burned beyond repair and the property is overgrown, the CCTS alumni group was able to have the site listed in the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage in 2007.

In other business, the board:

•Approved payrolls and account payables for February 2014.

•Approved minutes of the Feb. 18 meeting.

•Approved monthly financial statement and bank reconciliations of the Central Office for February 2014 as presented by Chief Financial Officer Steve Yeargan.

•Approved to renew garbage pick-up bid with Advanced Disposal at the current rate as per the option offered in the original 2012 bid.

•Approved for kindergarten registration to be on April 21-25.

•Approved Child Nutrition Program requests.

•Approved Special Education Program requests.

•Approved the 2014-2015 school calendar.

•Approved the following requests: Diane Cleckler, Clanton Intermediate School, effective Feb. 16 for the remainder of the school year; Mary Beth Easterling, Thorsby School, effective April 21 for the remainder of the school year; Brenda Jones, Jemison Elementary School, effective March 31 for the remainder of the school year; and Brittany Thomas, Clanton Intermediate School, effective March 21 for the remainder of the school year.

•Approved the following resignations: Candace Gulledge, Clanton Elementary School, special education teacher assistant, effective March 7; Danyel Ratliff, Clanton Intermediate School, special education teacher assistant, Feb. 24; and Paula Thornton, purchasing agent/board clerk, effective April 30.

•Approved the following supplement list resignations: Brooke Elliott, Jemison High School, technology coordinator, effective March 5; and Leighsa Robinson, Jemison High School, softball coach, effective Nov. 7.

•Approved the following school/shop requests:

-Chilton County High School – Permission for DECA students, Ray Sosa, and additional chaperones, to travel to Atlanta on a field trip Friday, May 2; and permission for FFA to use 7 acres of donated land on County Road 41 for Agriscience students to have the opportunity to incorporate a Supervised Agricultural Experience in vegetable production.

-Clanton Intermediate School – Permission to proceed with project to build a special needs playground.

-Clanton Middle School – Approval of Janet Murphy as a contract substitute ($70 per day).

-Jemison High School – Approval of professional leave for Raynette Ellison to attend Prostart Training for Culinary Arts Education this summer in Atlanta on June 15-20 and Indianapolis, Ind. on July 20-25; and permission to remove dilapidated trailers from campus in accordance with Mr. Howell’s instruction.

-Verbena – Permission for Verbena Youth Baseball and Softball League to use Verbena facilities for games and practices; approval of Kaelyn Mims as a volunteer softball coach; and approval of Tyler Kelley as a volunteer coach for football and weightlifting.

-LeCroy Career Tech – Permission to proceed with a project of having an on-campus radio station.

-Maintenance Shop – Permission to purchase a 2001 bucket truck for $14,000.

•Approved Brenda Reed as a bus driver for the Jemison route for the remainder of the school year.

•Approved to send non-renewal letters to emergency hired employees.

•Approved to post vacancies.

•Approved to allow Chilton County High School to form a capital fundraising (student) organization in connection with the project to repave the school’s front parking lot, which school representatives estimate will cost about $73,000.

•Approved Chrysta Russell and Shellie Smith to attend nurses’ meetings at the 2014 Mega Conference.

•Approved Courtney Harrison as a volunteer softball coach at MHS remainder of this year, considering she has completed all AHSAA requirements.

•Approved Patrick Hardiman a JHS B team basketball supplement retroactively.