Thorsby Council favors agreement to add online bill pay capabilities

Published 12:02 pm Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thorsby’s Town Council voted to enter into an agreement with a vendor that will result in the municipality being able to accept online payments for utilities and court fees.

The council heard from a representative of Birmingham-based Nexcheck and decided to contract with the company to provide an online payment system and credit card capabilities.

Council members said they thought residents would appreciate being able to pay their bills online.

Those at the regular meeting at the Thorsby Annex said initial start-up costs for the service would be about $700, but the town pays about $6,000 per year in fees for its current arrangement, which does not include online bill pay service.

In other business, the council:

•Decided to donate $1,000 toward a project to renovate the basketball court adjacent to the old Thorsby school. The project will also include the installation of softball batting cages. A softball field sits next to the court.

•Voted to declare Fire Department vehicles as surplus, with hopes of selling the vehicles to help with the purchase of a new vehicle. Fire Chief Lee Gunn said if the vehicles didn’t fetch as much money as hoped for on the secondary market, he could simply one of the vehicles instead of seeking a new one.

•Voted to allow Public Works Director Terry Jackson to purchase a new Bush Hog rotary mower for an estimated $2,900 instead of repairing the town’s current piece of equipment, which would likely cost more than $1,000, Jackson said.

•Discussed revised bylaws for the town’s Parks and Recreation Board again, after the topic was first brought up during the March 3 meeting. Two representatives from the board were present to answer questions and address concerns—including background checks for coaches, organized practices on Sundays and council approval of new board members—and Mayor Jean Nelson said she would work with the board members to make agreed-upon changes before final approval.