Church News for Thursday, Jan. 23

Published 10:50 am Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bethsalem Baptist Church

Sunday was a great day of worship and the singing was great. Bro. Bobby gave our ministry opportunities and welcomed everyone. His message was taken from John 1:28-37 and Hebrews. The message was titled “Jesus: Our Sacrifice.” It was a great message.

Mrs. Kim Edwards talked about the sanctity of human life. Our Celebration Choir special was “One Cross, Three Nails.” They did a wonderful job directed by Mrs. Sharion Williams.

Our youth went to the Smoky Mountain Conference.

Happy Birthday this week to Joyce Leonard, Nate Jones, Joanna Cobb, Jonathan Cha Endler, Madison Gleen, Cody Barber, Addison Polk, Ray Moore, Sandra Eggers, Derrick Price, George Edwards, Donald and Rolanda Spigener, Jill Jackson, Kristy Gilmore, Hazel Boswell, Randy Thompson, Michael Stanley, Alexiah Benjamin, Janet Willis, Risa Brasher, Sophia Chandler, Sabrina Powell.

Pray this week for all weekly concerns, the Pastor Search Committee, Bro. Bobby, Lennie Hatchock, Charles Bryant, Hunter Moore, Eddie Vaughan, Johnny Smith, Scott McKenzie, Rebecca Martin, Janice Dobbs, Jimmy Durbin, Jessee Phillips, Johnny McClain, Bobby Bush, Jason Nelson, Haylet Boyd, Wendy Spigner, Dan Tessin, Mesha Stewart, George and Diane Williams.

Friendship Baptist Church

Bro. Dusty Dutton brought our choir special, “Who Am I.” Bro. Ken Daniel’s sermon was from Psalm 95:1-8 titled “A Call to Worship.” The Lord is the Great King above all gods. We need to honor God as David did in Psalm 95. Songs, praise, clapping, telling others, saying “amen” and lifting a hand—it all starts with us.

In the evening service, Bro. Ken’s sermon came from Revelation 6, in which the Lamb, Jesus, opens the first six seals. Time is no longer on our side. We need to prepare our character so we will be able to stand.

Events: The Sew for Fun ladies group is making clothes for the children who live in the dump areas of Guatemala. Members of our church family will be taking these clothes to Guatemala next month.

Jan. 24: Through the Grace of God Ministries

Feb. 26-March 4: Medical mission trip to Guatemala

March 17-22: Trip to Lancaster, Penn. There are still a couple of openings available. The cost is $540. See Regeana.

Happy birthday to Michelle Riley, Alyssa Riley and Lauren Conradi.

Prayer requests: J.C. Pierce, Betty James, Irby Fanning, Anna Bryars, Jim Vanderslice, Beth Whittle, Lessie Hudgins, the Gary Voyles family, Shelita Thomas Knight, Cela Cabera and Charles Funderburk.