Jemison approves water adjustments for six residents

Published 5:00 pm Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Jemison City Council on Monday voted to approve six water adjustments for residents dealing with water issues.

Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed explained that many of the water adjustments were due to cold temperatures hitting Jemison several times this winter.

“With the cold weather we have had a lot of busted pipes throughout the city,” Reed said.

The council approved water adjustments for Mary Martin, Juanita Popwell, Martha Coker, Deborah Lovelady, Annie Battles and Lori Marshall.

The city also voted to approve the city’s annual financial report for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, 2013.

Reed said the council hosted a work session with the city’s auditors who have worked closely with the city.

The audit report was presented to the city Jan. 31 by I.H. McNeill III P.C.

Reed thanked accountant Brad Jackson who works with I.H. McNeill III P.C. for his work in helping the city with the audit.

The council also heard from Greg DeJarnett who is running for Chilton County Schools superintendent in June.

DeJarnett said he wanted to stop by and introduce himself to the council and thank the city of Jemison for the work they do for Chilton County.

“In order to adequately do the job as superintendent, there has to be collaborations built throughout this entire county,” DeJarnett said. “I want to work with the city of Jemison to form collaborations and bonds.”

Councilman Rex Bittle said he wanted to thank Jemison librarian Tammie McGriff for the work she did in putting together the second annual Jemison Fairytale Show.

“It was a great event with a lot of people coming out,” Bittle said.

Reed said the event gives the children in the city along with their families the opportunity to come and enjoy themselves.

“It is a wonderful thing for our city, and I am so pleased with all of the response I have been hearing about what a great event it was,” Reed said. “Tammie worked really hard to put that on and we appreciate that.”