County approves contract with Birmingham Association of Realtors

Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In other news, the commission:

•Voted to sell 4 acres of county land to O Flex for $10,000. Chilton County Industrial Development Coordinator Fred Crawford said commissioners had discussed selling the land during an executive session in August. Crawford said commissioners never acted to sell the land, and he needed permission from the county.

Everyone voted in favor.

•Heard from Commission Chairman Allen Caton who apologized to the commission for not following the set of rules and procedures for a commission meeting during the Feb. 10 meeting.

“We had two different people addressing the commission that were out of order,” Caton said. “Any time we have guests talking to the commission all questions have to come to the chairman. I wanted to just apologize to the commission for allowing that to happen. We will conduct our meetings by the rules.”

•Heard a report from Caton that no one showed up for the pre-bid for renovations to the restrooms at the Chilton County Courthouse.

Caton said he had called several different contractors to come and look at the restrooms but if contractors did not give the county prices, Caton would take the responsibility of getting the restrooms cleaned up.

“If you know of any contractors who would be interested in giving us pricing, we would love to talk to them,” Caton said.

The Chilton County Grand Jury addressed the condition of the restrooms at the courthouse in its Feb. 2014 report. The report states the grand jury noted the “dismal condition of both the men’s and women’s public restroom facilities inside the courthouse.”

The report went on to state, “while clean, the physical condition of the toilets, sinks, faucets and stall doors is deplorable.”