Town’s new clerk prepares to start job

Published 5:34 pm Monday, February 17, 2014

On Feb. 26, Dawn Smitherman will start her new job as Maplesville’s town clerk.

A longtime resident of Maplesville, Smitherman was approved by the Maplesville Town Council on Feb. 10 to fill the position when current Town Clerk Sheila Haigler retires.

Smitherman, 46, said she applied for the position because she wants to work closer to home primarily to spend more time with family.



“I want to be back home,” Smitherman said. “I have a son that’s a junior (in high school). He’s in sports, so I’ll be right there. I worked in Maplesville years ago at Peachtree Bank, and it will be so nice to be back home.”

After Haigler announced her intent to retire at the council’s January meeting, Smitherman was among a number of applicants whose applications council members reviewed before making their individual selections and calling the top applicants in for interviews.

After interviews were held, the council convened and chose the applicant (Smitherman) that members wanted to fill the position and then voted to approve her at a regular meeting Feb. 10.

Feb. 25 will be Smitherman’s last day at Bibb Medical Associates in Centreville.

Prior to Bibb Medical Associates, Smitherman worked in the business office at Chilton Medical Center before and for several months after it closed in October 2012.

Smitherman said one of her qualifications for the town clerk position is her experience in accounting that she cultivated while working in the bookkeeping department at Peachtree Bank.

“I feel like that helped me,” she said.

Another advantage for Smitherman is she already has good relationships with members of the council.

As town clerk, Smitherman will be responsible for attending all council meetings and recording minutes from each meeting.

Smitherman said she worked with councilwoman Hilda Atchison at the bank, and she and Mayor W.C. Hayes’ daughter were best friends growing up in the same neighborhood.

“I’m real comfortable with the council,” Smitherman said. “I feel like if I need to ask a question, I’m not going to be afraid to ask them.”

Haigler will help train Smitherman before she leaves at the end of March.

Smitherman said she is looking forward to reconnecting with people she knows in her new position.

“I’m actually excited about seeing everyone in Maplesville again,” she said. “I miss seeing them.”

Smitherman described herself as a “people person” and a “talker” and said she is glad her job as town clerk will allow her to interact with people every day.

“I wouldn’t do good if you just put me in an office with no one to talk to,” Smitherman said. “I’m excited to know the people that are coming in.”

Smitherman is an active member of the Maplesville Athletic Club and enjoys spending much of her free time at her son’s athletic events, including football and basketball games and track meets, as well as pep rallies, tailgates and fundraisers the club holds.

“I’m all about whatever sport my son happens to be playing at the time,” Smitherman said. “I feel like if he is involved in something like that, I need to be there. If it’s not that, I’m just relaxing.”

Smitherman is married to James Smitherman and has two sons, Matt and Troy; two stepdaughters, Haley and Megan; and a grandson, Brayden.