Jemison accepts County Road 935 as city street

Published 4:46 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The city of Jemison voted to accept County Road 935 as a city street on Monday.

The council approved ordinance No. 02-03-14 to accept County Road 935 between the intersection of County Road 42 and Interstate 65 as property of the city of Jemison.

Mayor Eddie Reed said the road was previously owned by Roy Martin who was a business investor and saw the need to give the road to the city.

“The city can accept this street providing the street is already paved and meets certain requirements,” Reed said.

In other news, the council:

•Passed a motion to renew the city of Jemison’s commercial sign contract agreement for six months for $800 per month for a sign promoting the city on I-65 at Exit 219.

The council originally voted in July 2013 to spend money for outdoor advertising on a billboard on I-65.

The purpose of the billboard on the southbound portion of I-65 is to promote the city of Jemison.

It was decided in July that the city could temporarily use the southbound portion of the sign for a one-time production cost of $650 and $800 per month.

Reed told the council on Monday he has heard positive responses from the sign and it was welcoming new developers.

“I have heard a lot of positive things,” Reed said.

•Read a letter from Jemison High School Principal Allen Wilson thanking the city for finding a way to provide wireless internet access to the high school. Wilson was not present at the meeting Monday but sent a letter to be read at the council meeting.

In the letter, Wilson explained that Jemison High School was in need of wireless access, which most schools are commonly provided. Wilson said the Chilton County Board of Education agreed to help with funding the purchase if Jemison High could contribute a specified amount.

“At the time of the proposal, it was not financially possible for Jemison High to adequately maintain a daily operational budget as well as provide payment for the technology purchase,” Wilson said in his letter. “The situation was addressed with Mayor Reed and within days I was asked to speak to Shannon Welch who then informed me that the recent request would be provided and available following the New Year through an available grant outside the city of Jemison.”

Reed told the council Welch worked to get the money donated and Jemison could now go forward with the wireless technology available at Jemison High School.

“We owe a lot of thanks to those who donated this service and to Shannon who worked to get this provided,” Reed said.

•Voted to accept Justin Gray to the Jemison Police Department Reserve Program.