County EMA director asks motorists to stay indoors

Published 11:36 am Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chilton County Emergency Management Director Bill Collum said Wednesday morning there were no reports of anyone requiring the use of a shelter at 612 Second Avenue North, next to Peoples Southern Bank in Clanton.

“We had a fairly quiet night,” Collum said. “I heard some volunteers were trying to get some folks off Interstate 65 near Verbena but they never required a shelter.”

Collum said he was driving around parts of the county Wednesday morning and ice was still a factor throughout the county.

“I am seeing a lot of people out walking around and I would encourage everyone to do that rather than get in the car,” Collum said. “If you want to get out I wouldn’t get in a car. If you have food, heat and shelter then it is best to stay where you are because most cars are not equipped for this ice. It is colder today than it was yesterday so you don’t want to be stuck out in this.”