Chilton County Sheriff’s Department reports for the week of Jan. 6, 2014

Published 2:18 pm Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from Dec. 18-24:

Dec. 18
•Death investigation: 100 Block County Road 76, Clanton
•Domestic violence, third degree; resisting arrest: 200 Block County Road 107, Jemison
•Assault, second degree: 200 Block County Road 107, Jemison
•Altered mental status: 4300 Block County Road 55, Clanton
•Possession of a controlled substance: Seventh St. and Black Snake Road, Clanton
•Identity theft: Clanton
•Criminal mischief, third degree; criminal trespass, third degree: 200 Block County Road 636, Clanton
Burglary, third degree; theft of property, second degree; criminal mischief, third degree: 11300 Block County Road 59, Verbena

Dec. 19
•Domestic violence, third degree: 5900 Block County Road 754, Clanton
•Forgery, first degree: 300 Block County Road 764, Clanton
•Failure to pay for gasoline: Montevallo
•Death investigation: 9000 Block Alabama Highway 191, Maplesville
•Child welfare: 5000 Block County Road 53, Clanton
•Theft of property, second degree: County Road 592, Verbena

Dec. 20
•Theft of property, second degree: 300 Block County Road 102, Montevallo
•Domestic violence, third degree: Verbena
•Domestic violence: Clanton
•Death investigation: 300 Block County Road 271, Clanton
•Theft of lost property, second degree: 900 Block County Road 453, Clanton
•Criminal mischief, third degree: Yard, Clanton
•Burglary, second degree; theft of property, first degree: 4200 Block County Road 38, Jemison
•Computer soliciting: Montevallo

Dec. 21
•Possession of drug paraphernalia: Seventh St., Clanton
•Minor in possession of alcohol; speed above 45 mph on a county road, no driver’s license: County Roads 91 and 42, Jemison
•Domestic violence incident: Alabama Highway 145, Marbury
•DUI (combined substance); possession of marijuana, second degree; possession of drug paraphernalia: 25900 Block of U.S. Highway 31, Jemison
•Theft of property, first degree: Clanton
•Domestic violence, third degree: Clanton
•Criminal mischief, second degree: 100 Block County Road 91, Jemison
•Criminal mischief, third degree: County Road 981, Clanton
•Dog bite: 100 Block County Road 100, Montevallo
•Private property accident: 1700 Block County Road 23, Marbury
•Domestic violence by strangulation or suffocation: 4700 Block County Road 447, Verbena
•Criminal mischief, first degree; reckless endangerment: 7700 Block County Road 73, Randolph
•Public intoxication: County Roads 456 and 251, Clanton
•Harassing communications: 4200 Block U.S. Highway 31, Verbena

Dec. 22
•Unwanted guest: 8500 Block County Road 24, Clanton
•Discharge firearm into an occupied dwelling or vehicle; reckless endangerment; criminal mischief, first degree; criminal mischief, third degree; discharging firearm into unoccupied vehicle: 300 Block County Road 879, Montevallo
•Criminal trespass, first degree; harassment: Clanton
•Distribution of a controlled substance; drug sale near school: 21000 Block U.S. Highway 31, Thorsby
•Criminal mischief, second degree: County Road 556, Clanton
•Domestic violence, third degree: 5900 Block Alabama Highway 155, Montevallo
•Criminal mischief, third degree: Verbena
•Assault, second degree: Verbena
•Disorderly conduct: U.S. Highway 31 and County Road 146, Jemison
•Criminal mischief, third degree; theft of property, third degree; burglary, third degree: 2000 Block County Road 136, Jemison

Dec. 23
•Theft of property, second degree: Clanton
•Incident: County Road 97, Clanton
•Theft of property, first degree: County Road 75, Clanton
•Burglary, third degree; theft of property, first degree: 1100 Block County Road 446, Marbury

Dec. 24
•Theft of property, second degree: 100 Block County Road 792, Clanton
•Attempting to elude a police officer: County Roads 38 and 42, Jemison
•Domestic violence, third degree: 1800 Block County Road 33, Lot 4, Calera