Church News for Thursday, Oct. 24

Published 1:51 pm Thursday, December 26, 2013

Samaria Baptist Church

What a mighty God we serve! Our crowd was small, but worship was very good. Our pastor took his message from Ezra 8:1-36.  Bro. Charles spoke about the faithfulness of Ezra and how he suffered from the behavior of the daughters of Israel. The decisions to marry immoral men and to worship false gods drove them far from God.  Ezra felt responsible for the decisions made by those under his guidance. However, he could not be held accountable for what they did as misdirected adults.  No man can explain why those taught to follow a true and loving God could imagine that they could improve their lives by following immorality.

The sin of homosexuality is running rampant in America today. America is not trembling at the sound of God’s voice or seeking to please him. Rather, it seems like “anything goes,” and the more evil, the better for many folks. God is not pleased with this sin. We know that the illnesses that can and often do come from this behavior should make people see that it cannot be an appropriate lifestyle. Christians often get into heated discussions with people on the defensive side of this so-called alternate lifestyle. It is not the Christian’s opinion that matters, but it is the fact that God himself in his Word condemns homosexuality, and this is what we all need to adhere to.

As Ezra grieved over the shame he bore due to the sins of his people, he repented of the sins, even though he did not commit them himself. He stated that the iniquity of the day rose to the heavens. Even heaven knew about the horrible sins of the children of Israel. Heaven also knows loud and clear the sins we think are hidden today. Our nation has reached low ebb, and the only way to survive is to humble ourselves before Almighty God and repent of whatever is keeping distance between the Father and our lives.

May God bless you today. It is never too late to reach God’s heart, as long as the conviction to do so is alive.

Our prayer concerns are for Katelyn Smith at Children’s Hospital, Bob and Lois Shultz after an automobile accident, and Brittany Brooks and her family.

Mount Carmel No. 1

What a blessing it was to be able to assemble with the youth of our church and others this past Wednesday night at Hately Nursing Home for our mid-week service, Bible study and singing. The youth of Mount Carmel go to the nursing home on the third Wednesday of each month for devotion, singing, prayer and visitation. Pray for this mission program when you pray.

Following Sunday school, we began our morning service with prayer. We welcomed our visitors and are thankful for all who came to worship and praise the Lord.

Bro. Derrell preached from Mark 5:22-34. “Hope for the Hopeful” was the title of his sermon. Our God can give hope for the hopeless today. Jesus healed a woman who had suffered from a plague for twelve years. He said to her, “Thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace and be whole of thy plague.”

Jesus still heals, but we have to have faith. This woman was cut off from all others because of her plague. She suffered emotionally and had nothing left, then Jesus passed by and she heard of his healing. She was determined to meet Jesus because she had hope of his healing. She said, “If I may but touch his clothes, I shall be made whole.” Straightway, she was healed.

On Sunday night, Bro. Derrell and Tammy blessed up by singing “The Upper Room” and “Lion, Lamb, and the King.” The message that followed was titled “A Fervent Prayer,” from James 5:16 and Nehemiah 1:1-11, 2:5-6.

Nehemiah was a prayer warrior. Prayer changes things. You must believe in what you are praying for and believe that God will hear and answer. “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Mount Carmel welcomes the families of Rex and Jayne Littlejohn and Jerry and Shelia Bolton as their children, Nicole and Nic, are united in marriage on Saturday, Oct. 26 at 5 p.m. A reception will follow at the Jemison Municipal Auditorium. You are invited.

Mark your calendars for these dates:

Oct. 27: Pastor Appreciation Day with lunch in the fellowship hall

Oct. 30: Harvest Festival

Oct. 31: Prime-Timers lunch, fun and fellowship at the home of Sue Davenport

Prayer Walk is held each Thursday at 4 p.m. Meet at the church.

The rededication ceremony of the old Rasberry Family Cemetery will be held on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 2 p.m. Trevor Cofer invites everyone to please join us for this service.

We thank you for your prayers. Remember to pray for everyone on our prayer list. Come join us for worship.