Church News for Thursday, Nov. 7

Published 2:20 pm Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cedar Grove Church

God is merciful!

Announcements: Wednesday night service starts at 7 p.m. We are studying the book of Hebrews.

Friday night prayer service starts at 7 p.m.

Prayer concerns: Joyce Scott, Janet Wyatt, Alton Russell, Shane, Hannah, and Blair Maddox, Wendell, Charlotte, and PJ Ray, Sandra, Steve Price and family, Chris and Kip Cleckley, Judy Worthy, Peggy Pearson, Diane Patterson and family, Dynamic Church Missions, our nations, all in nursing homes and hospitals, spoken and unspoken requests.

Pastor Jeff’s text came from Hosea 4:1-7 and Romans1:18-32, titled “Spiritual Ignorance.” Ignorance by definition is not knowing or the lack of knowledge. Spiritual ignorance is primarily by choice. In the world, especially the United States, there is no excuse for ignorance in Christ, not knowing Christ. To recognize spiritual ignorance, look around you; there is swearing, lying, killing, stealing and committing adultery— that is breaking of half of the Ten Commandments right there (Exodus 20). If we love God with all our heart, mind and soul, and love our neighbor as ourselves, then all the others would be kept.

The lack of spiritual knowledge measured on a thermometer would mean the temperature is rising higher, and at a faster rate than is measurable by man; only God knows how high it is registering. People seem to want to talk to you about all sorts of things like football, fishing, hunting or farming, but how many people want to talk to you about God or claim a spiritual knowledge of God? We could probably count those people on one hand who will actually step up to you and start a conversation about God or knowing God as their personal Savior.

The Israelites came under the power of God, the anointing of God, yet were still spiritually ignorant. The word of God is all around us, yet we are no longer a Christian nation. Our moral and spiritual values are being destroyed from inside the home out. I say again: the ignorance of God often comes from a willful desire to be that way.

People change the glory of the incorruptible God into and image made like corruptible man (birds and four-footed animals); in other words, pagan idols. When people do this, God will and does turn man over to uncleanness in the lusts of their hearts. They exchange the truth of God for the lie to worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen! For this reason, God gave them up to vile passion, for women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise, also men exchanged the natural use of women for their lust one for another. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which were not fitting. It should alarm us. We are doomed to destruction unless God is allowed in to save our soul. Whosoever will, let him come unto Jesus to be saved by grace; failing to do so ultimately leads to spiritual doom, death and eternity in hell. Do not delay; today is the day of salvation.

Love to all. God Bless and have a blessed week!

Samaria Baptist Church

Sunday was a special day in God’s House. We had Bro. Shane Wyatt and his wife, Stacy, with us. Bro. Shane brought the morning message and conducted our baptism service.

Bro. Shane’s text came from Genesis 6:5-9. The title of his message was “What Do You Depend On?”

In this day of controversy and government overload, we have a lot to be stressed about. Where do we turn for consolation and answers to the difficult decisions that are staring us in the face? If we think the government is going to take care of all the struggles we are experiencing, then we are seriously mistaken. As long as we have faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, then we have a hope that will never let us down.

As Christians, we love each other and pray for each other, but ultimately, we will fail and let each other down from time to time. No joy lasts like the complete peace and joy of Jesus. Men and women get caught up in the things of the world, and if we are not careful, we will be overwhelmed by the power of the prince of the air. Noah was spared when the world was destroyed because he was a man who walked with God.  Job was devoted to the Lord God and would never waver in his faith. God protected Job and blessed his life abundantly.

Satan was aware that as long as Job was under God’s protective care, the devil could not touch him, so God removed his protection and permitted Job to be tested and persecuted. Job responded to all the misery and heartache with stronger faith than ever. He refused to curse God and maintained his belief even in the midst of ultimate sorrow. It is not that we will never be tested and tried. Satan likes to attack us and see what we are made of, hoping to lure us over to his side.

God, however, provides us with the armor necessary for us to defeat Satan. We just have to put on this armor and maintain our faith in the Master.

Diane Fisher sang “I Made It By Faith” and Don Fisher played “Amazing Grace” on the harmonica. Our baptismal candidates were Josh and Amanda Parker, and Hayley Milford. It was a touching and moving service.

Prayers were requested today for the Paul Brooks family, Collis Easterling, Betty Edwards, and our military and government officials.

Lastly, we want to pay tribute to a man who was loved by all who knew him. Paul Allen Brooks was called home to be with our Heavenly Father this past week. Paul enjoyed a much longer life than ever expected at the time of his birth. He leaves a wife and two daughters, his parents and siblings, and a host of friends and relatives. Paul would have been amazed at the great outpouring of love and sympathy extended to his family this week. He had a lot of hopes and dreams in this life. Now, we are so happy that all the limitations are removed and Paul’s dreams are fulfilled beyond all we can comprehend. Rest in peace, brother.

May God bless all who read this article. Please know you are welcome to visit our church services. You will be our honored guest.