Thorsby amends garbage ordinance

Published 8:02 pm Monday, November 18, 2013

Thorsby’s Town Council on Monday amended an ordinance about garbage cans.

Under the amended ordinance, garbage cans are limited to 35 gallons in volume, and no residence may use more than three cans.

Also, all garbage must be in bags no larger than 105 gallons. All containers and bins must be taken back to the residence after pick-up and not left at the road.

Finally, the amended ordinance places responsbility on the resident for the pick-up of trash that has become scattered by an animal or another means.

The council voted unanimously in favor of the amendment. Council members Neil Benson and Randall Higgins were absent from the meeting.

The amended ordinance takes effect immediately.

The council also approved a construction bid for replacing the roof at Helen Jenkins Chapel.

The bid of about $14,000 was submitted by YellowHammer Roofing Inc.

The vote on the matter was unanimous.

In another action related to construction, the council adopted a new set of building codes.

After no one was present to comment at a public hearing about the codes, the council suspended the rules to bring on the adoption for immediate consideration.