Town to discuss door-to-door solicitation regulations

Published 3:40 pm Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Maplesville Town Council is in the process of reviewing the town’s peddlers’ license in response to residents’ complaints about door-to-door solicitors.

Last month, multiple residents reported within a two-day span vacuum cleaner sellers knocking on their doors after sunset and not leaving immediately when residents said they were not interested in purchasing the products.

“I called the manager of the business, and they have not been back down here,” Town Clerk Sheila Haigler said. “We don’t have those people very often. Usually, it’s more so in the summer months.”

Haigler said the town tends to have more door-to-door sales during the summer because of college students selling products over their summer breaks.

Housed under the town’s business license, peddlers’ licenses can be purchased for a day, week, month or year at a time for door-to-door solicitation.

Although door-to-door solicitation is not regulated by an ordinance, Haigler said the town asks those who purchase a peddlers’ license not to go to residents’ homes after sunset.

“We have asked them not to come after dark,” Haigler said. “We have had some complaints in the past. We have had some people who will tell them they’re not interested and asked them to leave, but they’re pushy. The main complaint is they won’t leave when you tell them ‘no.’”

The council will discuss the peddlers’ license at its next regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Anyone who has a complaint regarding door-to-door solicitors should call Maplesville Town Hall at (334) 366-4211.