County to receive recycling bins by late September

Published 11:31 am Friday, September 13, 2013

Plans are underway to unveil the five recycling collection containers throughout Chilton County by the end of September.

The recycling program is a collaborative effort between Bibb and Chilton counties and will benefit the Alabama Department of Corrections (DOC) in Montgomery where the materials would be sorted and processed.

The Bibb County Commission originally applied for a grant from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) for the project that would partner with the DOC.

Under the agreement, the county would allow the DOC to place recycling bins throughout the county. Bibb County would collect the material for both counties and transport it to DOC in Montgomery.

The DOC will reap any financial benefits from the material so the prison system can utilize the material for the use of the facility.

Since Bibb County needed more population numbers to receive the grant, they decided to partner with Chilton County.

The program will not cost anything for Chilton County and the benefit to partnering with Bibb County is waste at the transfer station in the county will be reduced.

In June, the Chilton County Commission voted to appoint County Extension Coordinator Gay West as the head of the Chilton side of the program and West works with the Bibb County recycling liaison and Extension Coordinator Matt Hartzell.

Out of the 15 recycling containers covered under the grant, Chilton will receive five of them to be placed at various locations throughout the county.

The locations of the five bins that will be distributed by late September include the Old Southern Train Depot in Maplesville at 9499 Alabama Highway 22, two bins will be placed at the former Clanton Recycling Center in Clanton at 810 Furniture Ave., one bin will be placed behind the former Jemison City Hall building at 24747 U.S. Highway 31 in Jemison and one bin in Thorsby behind the former Wood Drug Store at 8980 Jones Street.

Currently, both West and Hartzell are working to distribute various educational materials to residents of both counties on what items can go in the recycling bins.

“We are excited to get the program underway,” West said. “Our office has already received calls from people who are saving items to recycle.”

The items accepted in the containers include:

•No. 1 plastic containers

•No. 2 plastic containers

•Aluminum cans

•Metal cans


•Non-waxed cardboard

•Shredded paper

•Paperback books (magazines are also accepted)

Items that are paper can be dropped off inside of the bins but items including plastic, aluminum or metal must be lightly rinsed.

The rinsing helps rid the possibility of unwanted pests and undesirable smells at home prior to recycling.

All plastic bottle tops must be discarded before being placed in the bins.

According to a pamphlet distributed by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the benefits of recycling are listed as recycling conserves natural resources, saves landfill space and saves energy. Alabama law now requires that counties and cities develop comprehensive solid waste management plans, which include waste reduction and recycling goals.

West said a website has been created for anyone interested in the recycling program which includes a list of acceptable items that can go in the recycling bins.

For more information about the program, visit

For brochures on the recycling program and more details, call West at 280-6268.