County votes to award bid for tag office repairs (updated)

Published 10:03 pm Monday, September 9, 2013

The Chilton County Commission voted on Monday to award a bid contract to Steel Built Systems LLC in Maplesville for roof repairs at the Chilton County Tag Office for $24,800.

After postponing a decision regarding bids for roof repairs on Aug. 12 and rejecting bids on Aug. 26, the commission awarded a new price quote from Steel Built Systems LLC on Monday to begin repairs on the roof.

Two leaks in the roof of the office have created issues for the six clerks working inside.

One leak in the roof drops water every 30 seconds and another leak directly above one of the clerk’s terminals leaks a few days after a heavy rainstorm.

In May, the commission voted to replace the current beige carpet behind the clerk stations to neutral colored carpet tiles for roughly $4,000.

Due to the continuous leaks in the roof, the installation for the carpet tiles has been postponed until the roof is fixed.

Commissioners also unanimously voted to commit $3,125 toward renovations inside the commission chamber at the Chilton County Courthouse.

Commission Chairman Allen Caton told commissioners he requested County Maintenance Supervisor Pete Davenport to find prices for work that would replace the current lighting system with new ceiling tiles, light fixtures and wiring.

Caton said Davenport submitted two prices from local companies, one from Chilton Drywall for $3,945 and the other from Price Ceiling Inc. for $3,125.

“We need to do something about these lights in this room,” Caton said. “These lights are 500 watts and they burn a lot of energy.”

Commissioner Bobby Agee asked if the new renovations would require lowering the ceiling inside the room.

Caton said the ceiling would be lowered about six inches for the new lighting system to be installed.

“This is something I requested for the commission to do,” Caton said.