Boulware settles in as Verbena’s principal

Published 2:19 pm Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kelvin Boulware started as principal at Verbena High School this summer. He has worked in the Chilton County School System since 1999.

Kelvin Boulware started as principal at Verbena High School this summer. He has worked in the Chilton County School System since 1999.

Although Kelvin Boulware is new to Verbena High School, he is no stranger to Chilton County Schools.

Boulware, who was hired as Verbena’s principal in June, has logged nearly 15 years of experience in local schools.

“I was interested in working at Verbena,” Boulware said. “I knew a lot of people in the community, and I felt like this would be a great place to work. I just like the idea of experience working at a K–12 school. It is one of the places I wanted to be.”

Before transferring to VHS after former principal Robin Cagle resigned, Boulware was assistant principal at Clanton Middle School for a year and worked at the Chilton Alternative Program for four years.

From 1999–2008, Boulware worked at Chilton County High School in various capacities, including social studies teacher, football coach and assistant principal.

He taught social studies and coached football and softball at Wetumpka High School from 1996–1999.

Boulware was raised in Chilton County and graduated from CCHS in 1987.

He earned his first degree in business administration from the University of Alabama and worked for several years before deciding education was where many of his career interests were.

“I always enjoyed history and working with young people,” Boulware said.

He graduated from UAB with a degree in education in 1996 and started teaching in Elmore County.

“Being in education, it makes you feel like you can actually see the results of your work with students being successful and graduating and starting their careers,” Boulware said. “I love seeing that. That brings a lot of satisfaction to me, seeing they’re successful.”

Boulware said one of his primary goals this year is to increase enrollment.

“We want to keep the students here in our community in school at Verbena,” he said.

About 580 students are enrolled this year, compared to about 560 last year.

Boulware said adding new course offerings for high school and encouraging students to be involved in school sports, band and other extracurricular activities might help boost enrollment at Verbena.

Other goals he noted were improving students’ scores on state tests, such as ARMT (Alabama Reading and Math Test), and implementing technology upgrades including wireless Internet and more iPads and laptops for students.

Regarding facility upgrades, Boulware said he wants to eventually expand Verbena’s weight room for boys’ and girls’ athletics.

The weight room is in the basement of the school and, with the removal of a wall, could be expanded to occupy a former classroom to provide space for more than 25 students to move around comfortably.

Boulware said VHS alumni and community members have already started helping spruce up the school’s façade by painting and landscaping outside.

“I’ve been very impressed with the alumni,” Boulware said. “They take a lot of pride in the school. Also, our staff takes a lot of pride in our school. They want to help the students any way they possibly can.”

Boulware has worked in education for 18 years.

He is also a veteran of the U.S. Naval Reserves and worked for a fleet industrial supply center in Norfolk, Va.

Boulware’s wife, Kim, is an English teacher in the Coosa County School System as well as an adjunct teacher at Jefferson State Community College in Clanton.

They have two sons, Russell, 15, and Perry, 11.

“I really appreciate being given the opportunity to work here at Verbena High School,” Boulware said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for me, and I’m extremely happy to be here.”