RELIGION COLUMN: God limits difficult times

Published 1:22 pm Wednesday, September 4, 2013

By Emily Agee

“Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands. Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious. Say unto God, how terrible art thou in thy works through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee. All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing in thy name. Selah. Come and see the works of God; he is terrible in his doing toward the children of men. He turned the sea into dry land: they went through the flood on foot: there did we rejoice in him. He ruleth by his power forever; his eyes behold the nations: let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah. O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard. Which holdeth our soul in life and suffereth not our feet to be moved. For thou, O God, hast proved us: thou has tried us, as silver is tried.” (Psalm 66:1–10).

Thought for the Week: ‘Talk It Over with God’

“You’re worried and troubled about everything, wondering and fearing what tomorrow will bring, you long to tell someone, for you feel so alone, but your friends are all burdened with cares of their own. There is only one place and only one friend who is never too busy, and you can always depend on him to be waiting with arms open wide to hear all the troubles you came to confide … For the heavenly Father will always be there when you seek him and find him at the altar of prayer.”


Worship service at Holly Grove Baptist Church in Jemison began praise service with prayer, scripture and songs. The theme was “Preparing for a Journey,” based on Ezra 8:23. “Are You Ready for Your Final Trip?”

The scripture was read by Robert Callen with prayer by Pastor Dukes and Willie Nunn.

Songs sung were “Glory Hallelujah,” “Take Me to the King” and “God is My Everything.” The morning message was given by Pastor Dukes. His theme was “Surviving Difficult Times.”

You can’t stay where you are and expect things to get better. All are eligible if you accept Christ. You must love God to survive. All things work for the good who serve God. Keep your mind focused on Jesus.

Have you been called out of darkness unto his marvelous light? Do you encourage and inspire others? How do you overcome difficult times?

Get your joy back. Acknowledge God is in control. The creator of all things is our heavenly Father. He will work it out.

Know God is able, know he will limit our difficult times (remember Job). The devil touched his body, but he could not touch his soul.

God limits Satan’s attacks on those who serve him. Some difficult times teach you—learn from it. Let the old teach the young. God was able to enliven the Hebrew boys from the fiery furnace. They didn’t bow and did not burn. God will not lose you, even in the fire. Praise him; come out of your difficulties. Christ died for you so trust him.

Fellowship was by Pastor Dukes, deacons and the congregation.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Mr. Kenneth Stone in their time of bereavement. Funeral services will be held Saturday, Aug. 24 at 2 p.m. at Holly Grove Baptist Church in Jemison. Agee Brothers Funeral Home directing.

On our sick list this week, we ask you to remember in your prayers: James Singleterry, Sam and Vivian Hicks, Harold Frazier, Martha Binion, Robertha Lee, Lee Anna Worthey and Dorothy Sims. May God heal, strengthen and keep them in his care is our prayer.

—Emily Agee is a religion columnist for The Clanton Advertiser. Her column appears each Thursday.