Women’s rally set for Sept. 13-15

Published 6:55 pm Monday, August 26, 2013

Almost one year after opening, Women of God Ministries in Clanton is preparing to hold its largest fundraiser event to help the people it serves.

Women of God Ministries is a non-profit organization providing a 12-month residential home to women recovering from abuse, homelessness or substance addictions.

The first U2 Rally will be held Sept. 13–15 at Women of God Ministries and will feature 17 singers and speakers over the three-day period, along with vendors selling food or items.

“It’s going to be our No. 1 fundraiser every year,” Director Lisa Browning said. “We need people to come out and support us.”

Browning said ‘U2’ stands for “united together in Christ.”

The free event is open to all ages and will feature singer Sheila Raye Charles, daughter of legendary musician Ray Charles; David Farmer, founder of Crisis Rescue International, an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking; singer and speaker Tina Wakefield; and others including Infamous, Brittany Wakefield, Rick Camp, Embers In Ashes, Beyond the Clouds, Surviving the Fall, the Dennis Family, Ryan Fales, Hopes on Hold, Bethel CR, Final Harvest, Battle Cry and Arkangels.

Donations will be accepted and love offerings taken each day of the event.

“We’re 100-percent volunteer and donation based,” Browning said. “Our power bill is paid through donations. Everything is volunteer here.”

Browning said vendor space is still available.

Vendors will only be part of the event on Saturday, Sept. 14 and should be set up by 8 a.m.

The fee for regular vendor spots is $45, and food vendors or those needing electricity must pay $65.

All proceeds from vendor fees go to Women of God Ministries to help pay the facility’s power bills and other general upkeep expenses.

Anyone interested in reserving vendor space should call (205) 212-8037.

The event will be held outside at Women of God Ministries, located at 112 County Road 178 in Clanton.

Those who attend are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets.

If it rains, Browning said the event would take place under large tents set up outside.

The rally will start at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13.

Saturday’s festivities will start at 8 a.m., singers will start at 10 a.m. and the main presentations will be from 6–10 p.m.

The event Sunday will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Browning said she and volunteers found the performers and presenters for the rally by looking online and calling them to ask whether they would be interested in participating.

“We would just call and tell them about our cause, and their hearts were just open to help,” Browning said. “Everyone was receptive to coming out and supporting us. We’ve got something for all ages.”

Women of God Ministries opened in October 2012 and has seven residents.

While living at the home, Browning said women receive support, training, mentoring, counseling and discipleship.

Various church groups come in and minister to the residents regularly.

“We just take them in, and through the love of God, we just teach them how to love themselves again,” Browning said. “That’s why we call this the ‘Agape House.’ It’s God’s love; it’s unconditional.”

Browning said she also wants the U2 Rally to help raise community awareness that Women of God Ministries is available for any women in the state who need help.

“We are a statewide facility,” she said. “We want to reach beyond these borders. We want the community to know it’s there for them.”

For more information, call (205) 212-8037 or (205) 914-5786, email Womenofgodemail@yahoo.com or visit WomenOfGodMinistries.com.

“We need the support and everybody to show up,” Browning said. “We’ve had such a great response to what we’re doing. Our hearts are truly into helping people.”