Clanton Intermediate School receives upgrades

Published 9:06 am Thursday, August 15, 2013

Clanton Intermediate School's gym received upgrades this summer, including a new floor.

Clanton Intermediate School’s gym received upgrades this summer, including a new floor.

Most people assume little goes on at a school in June and July, but that has not been the case at Clanton Intermediate School.

“We have been very busy this summer,” Principal David Seale said in a press release. “Even though I became principal in April, this will be my first opening of school at CIS, so we wanted to make sure students and parents would see plenty of positive changes when they arrived in August.”

Many of the changes were facility improvements, most notably a new floor for the gymnasium, the release said.

“The carpet on the floor had been here since the school opened, so we felt like it was time to tear that up and put down tile,” Seale said and added he chose tile over carpet because tile is easier to clean, maintaining a healthier gym for the kids and coaches.

“We also became a wireless school this summer, and with the help of the system’s technology department, we can now use our computers and other devices to their fullest extent,” Seale said. “Being wireless also allows us to purchase technology down the road that can utilize Wi-Fi capabilities.”

Seale said a new teacher parking lot behind the school and painting touch-ups were other projects completed at CIS this summer.

“Parents and teachers have come in the building recently and said it looks like a new school,” Seale said. “I’m very grateful for the efforts of the CIS custodians and the system’s maintenance and technology departments for making that happen.”

Facility improvements are not the only positive changes for the school, the release said.

“We have spent a lot of time this summer doing professional development to find more innovative ways to teach the new common core,” Seale said. “From the middle of June all the way into August, teachers have been going to conferences and workshops. We’ve even held several here at CIS.”

“Furthermore, we have new reading textbooks, along with a long list of supplemental materials for reading and math,” Seale said, “And we’ll be introducing a Reading Elective period into the schedule that will be used for academic support as well as more creative projects for students. There is a lot of excitement and energy here for the new year.”

Registration at CIS will continue Aug. 15 and 16, from 12:30–3 p.m.

Fifth graders registered Wednesday. Fourth graders will register Thursday, and third graders on Friday.