COMMUNITY COLUMN: Rain doesn’t dampen patriotism

Published 9:51 pm Thursday, July 18, 2013

Proud to be an American: A fireworks show, pontoon boat parade and speed boat parade (above) were all part of the July Fourth festivities on Lake Mitchell.

Proud to be an American: A fireworks show, pontoon boat parade and speed boat parade (above) were all part of the July Fourth festivities on Lake Mitchell.

By Peggy Bullard

Rain could have dampened the spirit of celebration this July Fourth, but we are all proud to be Americans and refuse to let a little rain interfere with celebrating our independence.

Most activities were celebrated without even having to reschedule. Here on Lake Mitchell was no exception. We dodged the rain for every activity including the fireworks that were scheduled on July 5.

The pontoon boat parade was short but long in enthusiasm. There were only three boats escorted by the fireboat that came sounding the siren so that all those sleeping in would know they were on their way. It had rained most of the night and all morning of the Fourth, which made it almost impossible for people to get out and decorate their boats, but there were three families who didn’t let a lot of rain stop them. They were able to go the whole route without getting wet.

In my last article I mentioned the Murchison family, who has a dive tower and started the tradition in 1996 of dressing in full costume of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty. They would climb to the top of the tower and wave a flag and hold the torch during each of the boat parades. This year was no exception, but they were unprepared when the fire boat came into Cargile Creek sounding the siren. They thought the parade would surely be canceled with all the rain. They refused to break the tradition although they were taken by surprise, so they made a mad dash for the tower with flags in hand and face masks on, but—you guessed it—in their pajamas. Celebrating on Lake Mitchell is certainly wild and exciting at times.

The afternoon Nautique parade was much longer with at least 12 boats. These people decorated big time for they are young and enthusiastic enough to have made it happen even in the rain. The boats were decorated, and the people wore patriotic shirts, hats and swimsuits. One flag was bigger than the boat that proudly displayed it.

Jim McCormick and his crew did an excellent job with the fireworks display coordinated to music. This was his 25th year, and it was most spectacular. We say this each year, and wonder how he can top it next year, but somehow he manages. Doug Martin commented to him, “You make our lake a very special place simply because of your creative thought process and willingness to offer yourself to your lake peers.”

The rain held off during the fireworks, but when they were over we had a quick shower so I’m sure some people got a little wet heading home. We would all say it was worth it.

We all send a hearty “thank you” to Jim and everyone who worked so hard to make even our rainy holiday special. Most of all we thank all those who served and are serving our country and the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice that we may freely celebrate our freedom that does not come free. God Bless America!

–Peggy Bullard is a community columnist for the Lake Mitchell area. Her column appears monthly.