Publishing company in Jemison distributes material worldwide

Published 4:29 pm Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Tucked in a wooded area on County Road 749 in Jemison sits a publishing company distributing religious centered publications to more than 157 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1980, Inspiration Books East Inc. (IBE), a non-profit organization, has been publishing and distributing religious literature as well as Bibles, free of charge, in more than 20 languages.

Communications director Tony Harriman, originally from London, is in charge of educating the public about IBE, and IBE founder Charles Wheeling leads seminars on biblical prophecy.

“We understand that our publications won’t suit the mind of everyone,” Wheeling said. “However, we share what we believe to be truth for this time and we do this through our publications and seminars.”

Wheeling moved to Chilton County in the late 1970s and founded IBE in 1980. Now, the company in Jemison has nine employees responsible for manning the distribution of the IBE publications.

Harriman started working full-time for IBE in 1992 after meeting Wheeling at a seminar Wheeling was leading in California.

Although the books are not printed at the Jemison location, they are printed in South Dakota, West Virginia and Illinois and shipped to IBE in Jemison who distributes them worldwide.

Harriman said IBE does not do a lot of business locally due to not having a storefront property.

One of the more exciting stories for the company was being able to distribute hundreds of thousands of publications and Bibles throughout Russia and the Ukraine following the break-up of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

“That was a tremendous opportunity for us,” Wheeling said. “We have seen success in all parts of the world.”

Wheeling said many of the people attending his seminars are from all different backgrounds and there has been a “100 percent increase” in interest from individuals who are interested in end times.

“There is a stirring among the people and this is a fascinating subject that any religion likes to hear about,” Wheeling said. “People are very interested in this topic and these are general public seminars from an evangelistic point of view.”

Wheeling said his current goal is to distribute IBE’s publication, “The Perfect Storm” to every resident in the United States but understands not everyone will willingly accept the publication.

“We want to reach everyone we can,” Wheeling said.

IBE receives the monetary support from offerings of those interested in donating and hopes the business will continue for many years.

“People keep us going and we are tremendously thankful for those who have supported us throughout the years,” Wheeling said. “We hope to keep going for many more.”

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Inspiration Books East Founder Charles Wheeling and communications director Tony Harriman work to distribute publications to more than 157 countries worldwide.