Commission appoints coordinator for recycling program

Published 4:58 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Chilton County Commission voted on Monday to approve County Extension Coordinator Gay West as the head of a planned county recycling program.

Commissioners thanked West for being willing to spearhead the project that will be implemented throughout the county in the next couple of months.

Commissioner Joe Headley said West would do the recycling project “the right way” and when it came time for commissioners to vote for West, they voted in favor and unanimously said “thank you.”

Commissioners previously appointed county litter agent Libby Ratliff to oversee the program during the April 22 commission meeting but Ratliff told commissioners she was not interested in running the program.

West was asked by commissioner Shannon Welch on behalf of the commission to oversee the program and she will work with the Bibb County recycling liaison and extension coordinator Matt Hartzell to get the program implemented in Chilton County.

The Bibb County Commission voted on May 13 to accept bids for 15 recycling containers, a trailer and truck in partnership with Chilton County for the recycling program.

The trailer and containers are estimated to arrive in Bibb County in 45 days or roughly the middle of July.

Commissioners also decided to advertise bids for mechanical doors and a surveillance camera system for the Chilton County Jail for a minimum of 15 days and made a motion to have the bids mailed out.

Although the discussion about the security issues at the Chilton County Jail has been vague from both Davis and commissioners, Davis previously addressed commissioners on April 8 to discuss the issue.

During the April 8 meeting, Davis told commissioners a safety survey was conducted on the jail through the Association of County Commissioners of Alabama (ACCA).

Apparently, three recommendations were made about the jail although specifics about the recommendations have not been publicly presented.