Jemison City Park basketball court in line for upgrade

Published 10:30 am Friday, May 31, 2013

The basketball court at Jemison City Park will soon have upgrades including new concrete and fencing.

The city of Jemison will begin repairs on the existing basketball court at Jemison City Park within the next couple of weeks.

During their regularly scheduled city council meeting on May 20, the council voted to commit up to $900 for concrete repairs and other supplies to renovate the court.

Jemison administrative assistant Shannon Welch said on Tuesday that the money would go to repairing the existing court after residents requested the city extend the concrete on the current court.

“We are going to extend the court 5 feet on each side because right now the concrete stops at the basketball goal,” Welch said. “The only people that use the court are citizens and it is heavily used so we want to accommodate in areas where we can.”

Welch said the court will be temporarily closed for about three days when an exact date is worked out for new concrete to be poured at the court. The city maintenance crew will pour the concrete due to them having prior experience in construction.

New fencing will also be put up around the court but the council decided during the May 20 meeting to go ahead with repairs on the concrete and work on fencing at a later date.

Mayor Eddie Reed told the council once pricing was figured out for the fencing around the court, the council would bring the topic back up for discussion at a future meeting.