Peach Jam T-shirts available in two colors

Published 4:06 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chamber Executive Assistant Brittani Ellison and Ben Brown of Sarrell Dental display this year's 2013 Peach Jam Jubilee T-shirts on sale now.

Chamber Executive Assistant Brittani Ellison and Ben Brown of Sarrell Dental display this year’s 2013 Peach Jam Jubilee T-shirts on sale now.

The first shipment of 2013 Peach Jam Jubilee T-shirts arrived at the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce last week and added not one, but two, colors to the office décor.

The chamber decided to try a new tactic this year and order the T-shirts in two different colors to boost sales by providing customers with a choice.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done two colors,” Executive Director Mike Robertson said. “We decided because of a little random sampling we did around here, the ladies seemed to like the blue, and The Sports Shop told us the gray was a favorite color among the guys.”

Shirts are $10 and are available in tropical blue and gray in the following adult sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, XXL and XXXL.

Shirts in youth sizes small and medium are only available in tropical blue.

Shirts can be purchased at the chamber and MorLyn’s in Clanton.

Robertson said the chamber has ordered 1,075 shirts this year compared to last year’s total of 1,023 shirts ordered.

“We have ordered more than we did last year,” he said. “We’re front-loaded with our order in that we’ve got 575 now, and we’ve got 500 coming this week. We’re just ahead of last year in terms of ordering and in terms of sales.”

Robertson said the chamber sells Peach Jam shirts every year to promote and support local business sponsors, which are printed on the backs of all the shirts.

“We try to keep the price down because our goal is to get these shirts with these sponsors on the back out in the public,” Robertson said. “That’s part of the return on the investment for the sponsor. We’re not trying to make money off the shirts.”

According to Robertson, the chamber can order several more shipments of shirts before the Peach Jam if demand for the shirts exceeds the amount already ordered.

“We’ve still got time to do a third or fourth order,” he said. “We look at it in numbers and terms of quantity. We hope to exceed last year, and we better because I’ve bought more.”

For a chance to win a free 2013 Peach Jam T-shirt, visit the chamber on Facebook at, “like” the page and “share” the photo of this year’s Peach Jam T-shirts.

The winner of the free T-shirt will be announced on Monday morning.