Jemison receives positive water report

Published 7:42 pm Monday, May 20, 2013

Grady Parsons of Southwest Water addressed the Jemison City Council on Monday with reports of good water quality and sewer system for 2012 after conducting the city’s annual testing.

Parsons also informed the council of “positive” news regarding federal requirements related to the water’s phosphorous limits.

“Due to new chemicals being available, I can excitedly tell you we have had success in getting the phosphorous levels down,” Parsons said.

Meeting the requirements does not pertain to the city’s drinking water but the city’s sewer system.

Parsons said testing would continue on the phosphorous levels in hopes the levels would continue to lower but he was encouraged with the new chemicals decreasing the phosphorous limits in the city’s sewer system.

The council also heard from visitors, Chilton County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mike Robertson and board member Janice Hull, about the chamber’s “Shop Local” campaign.

The campaign is designed to encourage shoppers to spend their money locally and the chamber created an eye-catching insignia to display throughout the county.

“We wanted to incorporate the peach into our logo and have something catchy the community would remember,” Robertson said. “Our goal is to get people thinking about the importance of shopping with local businesses.”

Robertson asked Mayor Eddie Reed if he could leave a Shop Local banner with the city and have them display it as a visible location in Jemison to help the chamber promote the campaign launch set for July 9.

Reed said he thought the campaign was “tremendous” and a “wonderful thing for the community.”

The council also voted to approve an ordinance establishing guidelines for those who fail to appear in court for all traffic, misdemeanor and municipal violations.

Reed said the resolution would provide a better method for the court system to be able to take care of business.

After approving to move a part-time employee to a full-time position for the city at a rate of $11.75 an hour, the council concluded the meeting by approving money for repairs at the city’s basketball court.

The council approved a motion to approve $900 for cement and other repairs not including fencing to begin work to fix the court.

Reed reminded the council they were invited to attend Jemison High School’s graduation commencement scheduled for May 23 at 7 p.m.