Dog show will benefit dog rescue in Jemison

Published 3:36 pm Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When Jemison fourth-and fifth-graders Hannah Grace Childress, Heather Lindsey and Anna Patterson found out they needed to complete a certain amount of community service hours to advance to the “bronze” level in their Girl Scout Troop 7012, they came up with the idea for a dog show.

The girls started researching different options to support their idea and came across Joe Jackson’s Dog World Inc., a non-profit, no-kill, dog rescue and sanctuary in Jemison.

After contacting Jackson about the possibility of a dog show, the girls came up with “Who Let the Dogs Out,” a dog show contest at Jemison City Park on Saturday with registration at 9:30 a.m. and the dog show at 10:30 a.m.

Hannah Grace’s mother, Terrie Childress, said the event is the culmination of a lot of hard work devoted by Hannah Grace Childress, Lindsey and Patterson along with the rest of the troop.

“These girls really liked the idea of Jackson’s no-kill animal rescue and they wanted to support him,” Childress said. “He has 65 dogs, three cows and one horse on his property and the girls were intrigued by the fact they don’t kill any animals.”

Childress said the troop went to Jackson’s property a few weeks ago and spent a day pampering the dogs by brushing their fur and playing with the animals.

The girls enjoyed the event and decided to ask Jackson if he would like to participate in a dog show contest as a fundraiser for Jackson’s rescue organization.

Anyone interested in participating in the dog show can pay $4 to register their pet and the girls are encouraging everyone to bring pet supplies including pet food, dog treats, leashes, blankets or any pet accessory to donate to Jackson’s dog rescue organization.

There will be three judges to judge the animals at the event and Childress said they are hoping it will be a fun day for everyone to enjoy the day with their animals.

Jackson will also have some of his dogs to enter the contest and some of them will be up for adoption if anyone is interested in adopting a dog.

Although the three oldest girls in the group organized the event so they could advance to the bronze level, Childress said the rest of the troop made up of younger girls will be at the event to show their support.

“The rest of the girls have to assist the three oldest who coordinated the event,” Childress said. “They have to take up money or help with donations and will be putting in some of their community hours for the upcoming year. We are all really excited about the event and hope people will come out and have a good time.”