Spring clean-up event in Jemison set to begin next week

Published 2:49 pm Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Residents living in the city limits of Jemison will have the opportunity to participate in the annual spring clean-up week April 22-26.

Mayor Eddie Reed said the event gives residents the opportunity to throw away any unwanted household items, such as old furniture, building materials or piles of junk that pile up throughout the year in a shed or a garage.

The city garbage department will come by and pick up any of the unwanted materials placed in front of residential homes and take the county’s materials to the transfer station at no cost to the residents.

“This has been a successful event every year because if a citizen takes the items to the transfer station they have to pay,” Reed said. “This saves people money and helps get rid of unwanted junk that can accumulate throughout the year.”

Reed stressed the city will not pick up items such as old refrigerators, rubber tires, car batteries, paint or hazardous chemicals.

If the city is unable to collect all of the materials April 22-26, Reed said they will come back and pick up everything on April 29.

“We want everyone to be able to have the opportunity to participate,” Reed said. “If the city can’t get it all throughout the week they will come back and pick up the rest on April 29.”

The clean-up efforts were started to encourage recidents to keep Jemison clean and Reed said the event has grown throughout the years with many residents taking part in the clean-up efforts.

“I think now more than ever before our residents are really taking pride in the city,” Reed said. “We have people who will keep their eye out for litter they find on the streets or someone who may not be keeping their property clean and call to let us know.”

Reed said less litter is on the city streets in recent years due to more people being aware of keeping the city clean.

“I have to commend the citizens,” Reed said. “They have really made an effort to keep their rights-of-way clean, and they help keep the roadways clean and they care about what the city of Jemison looks like.”