Man suspected of robberies across state arrested

Published 3:51 pm Thursday, April 11, 2013

Law enforcement officials have arrested a man suspected in at least seven recent robberies.

Andre Webster, 42, of Montgomery was arrested Thursday in Montgomery by U.S. Marshals.

Clanton Police, which had jurisdiction over three of the suspected robberies, identified the suspect and requested help from Marshals in Webster’s apprehension.

Local officers were to meet the Marshals and transport Webster back to Chilton County Jail, where he will await a number of charges from across the state.

Police think the suspect was responsible for robberies dating back to March 5, in Huntsville, and as recently as April 9, in Dothan.

Clanton Police Department Capt. David Clackley said investigators connected Webster to three robberies in Clanton, two in Dothan, one in Huntsville and one in Prattville.

“He’s going to have a multi-million dollar bond,” Clackley said. “We’re pretty sure there were more (robberies) out there, we just haven’t found them yet.”

The crimes were all similar. The suspect would enter a fuel station or hotel close to the interstate, masked and with a gun, take money from the clerk and flee in a white car.

After the robberies in Clanton, police broadcasted the crimes regionally because they thought there could be more victims in other counties, Clackley said.

Using information provided by other agencies, Clanton Police were able to track down a cell phone number and then request phone records, which showed the suspect in the locations crimes were committed on the corresponding days.

“The chances of him accidentally being in those locations on those days is pretty slim,” Clackley said.