Commission votes to give humane society more funds

Published 3:19 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Chilton County Commission increased funding to $20,000 a year for the Chilton County Humane Society on Monday.

The decision came after commissioners met with board members from the humane society during a work session on March 18 in an effort to reach a funding agreement for the shelter.

The work session ended with the humane society board planning to meet on March 22 and vote on whether or not they would accept the agreement from commissioners that would increase funds to the humane society for the rest of the budget year that ends in October 2013.

Commissioner Bobby Agee told commissioners during the meeting Monday night that humane society board members did vote to accept the agreement with the commission.

Agee then made a motion to increase funds for the humane society up to $20,000 for the remainder of the budget year with the funds coming out of the county’s Trade School and Industrial and Rural Development Fund.

Currently, the commission gives the humane society a monthly check of $1,075 that equals $12,900 a year.

Agee’s motion to increase the funds up to $20,000 for the rest of the budget year would be an additional $7,100 out of the county’s Trade School and Industrial and Rural Development Fund for the year.

“The humane society is accepting what the commission proposed with the understanding that we pass the resolution tonight,” Agee said. “The humane society will then start accepting animals from the county and it is my understanding they started accepting them this morning.”

Commission chairman Allen Caton, commissioner Heedy Hayes, commissioner Shannon Welch and Agee voted in favor of the increase.

Commissioner Joe Headley voted against the increase. Commissioners Tim Mims and Greg Moore were absent from Monday’s meeting.

Agee then made a motion for the commission to enter into a contract with the humane society with advisement from the county’s legal attorney.

The contract would ultimately have the commission and humane society work together to take care of the animals for the county.

“This contract would work out things such as insurance for the building and a police agreement that would need to be reworked and reissued,” Agee said. “Our attorney will need to meet with members of the humane society board and come up with a contract to present back to the commission.”

The commissioners present unanimously voted in favor of the humane society board and attorney coming together to form a contract between the county and humane society.