Council approves fire code fines

Published 11:54 pm Monday, March 25, 2013

The Clanton City Council approved an ordinance Monday concerning offenses and fines in connection with the city’s existing fire code.

All council members except Jeff Price, who was absent from the meeting, voted in favor of Ordinance No. 2-13, which serves to amend the previous ordinance known as 15-86 and provides a description of charges and fines associated with violating Clanton’s fire code.

Charges and their fines include the following: burning without a permit ($50), fire extinguisher ($25), means of egress obstructed ($75), emergency exit signs illuminated ($25), obstructing a fire hydrant ($75), commercial hood required ($25), signage for fire department connection required ($25), fire apparatus access roads ($25), fire alarm required ($50), sprinkler ceiling clearance ($25), vacant premises ($25), sprinklers required ($50), storage of LP containers ($25) and parking in a fire lane ($50).

Court costs incurred with any of the fines listed above would be assessed by the state.

“The only thing the council can approve is the fine,” Clanton Police Chief Brian Stilwell said.

The council also approved for BS Market, located at 502 Seventh St. S., to be allowed to sell beer and table wine off its premises.

In other business, the council:

•Agreed to go over bids for renovations to the city’s walking track at the next council meeting on April 8.

•Discussed an animal control issue at a Clanton residence.

•Approved minutes from the March 11 meeting and paid the bills.