Commission schedules work session to meet with humane society board

Published 3:49 pm Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The board of directors for the Chilton County Humane Society has voted to discontinue funding arrangements with the Chilton County Commission.

The decision from the board came in the form of a letter addressed to commissioners as well as all municipalities and police departments on March 8.

The letter stated the humane society would no longer accept the county’s monthly check of $1,075 and all residents outside of the city limits in Maplesville, Clanton, Thorsby or Jemison would be required to pay a $40 intake fee for animals dropped off to the shelter.

Part of the letter stated, “We have put our time and money into the everyday operation of the shelter and can no longer manage the cost associated with the 200 plus animals that come into the shelter each month from areas outside the city limits.”

Commission chairman Allen Caton announced during the commission meeting Monday that commissioners would like to meet with members of the board at a work session scheduled for March 18.

Humane Society board president Jenny Millwee said on Tuesday the decision to discontinue funding arrangements with the commission came after months of trying to receive a funding increase from the county and never receiving any increase in money.

“We simply cannot operate on the funds we receive from the county,” Millwee said. “It is just not enough to help us out.”

Millwee said the commission’s monthly check for $1,075 was returned by the humane society for the month of March.

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Caton said the reason for the work session on March 18 with the humane society is to talk with the humane society board and discuss funding arrangements.

“We were very upset to get this kind of reaction from the humane society,” Caton said. “We are trying to get them additional funding and we do not feel they have given the county any consideration for what we have done for them.”

Caton said the county owns the building the humane society uses, the county paid $30,000 for an incinerator, and the county paved the road leading into the shelter.

Caton also acknowledged the lease for the building was up in 2010.