Clanton Fire Department reports for the week of Feb. 25, 2013

Published 3:04 pm Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Fire Department from Feb. 13-19:

Feb. 13
•Medical alarm: 30 Block 14th St. S.
•Cardiac arrest: 2000 Block Seventh St. S.

Feb. 14
•Motor vehicle accident: 500 Block First Ave.
•Syncope: 400 Block Second Ave. N.
•Helicopter landing zone: Price Drive
•Motor vehicle accident: Interstate 65 at 213 Mile Marker
•Structure fire: 200 Block Willis Circle

Feb. 15
•Chest pain: 900 Block Pipes Ave.
•Chest pain: 500 Block Second Ave. N.
•Public assist: 2100 Block Seventh St. N.
•Public assist: 1400 Block Seventh St. S.
•Motor vehicle accident: Interstate 65 N. at 209 Mile Marker
•Difficulty breathing: 200 Block Martha St.
•Smoke investigation: 2200 Block Seventh St. N.
•Abdominal pain: 500 Block Taylor St. E.
•Difficulty breathing: 2500 Block Lay Dam Road

Feb. 16
•Chest pain: 300 Block City St.
•Overdose: 100 Block Courtney Trailer Park

Feb. 17
•General illness: 100 Block Third Ave. S.
•Chest pain: 1200 Block County Road 407
•Brush fire: 40 Block Crest Loop Road
•Chest pain: 1400 Block Seventh St. S.

Feb. 18
•Syncope: 1000 Block Green St.
•Chest pain: 100 Block Sixth St. S.
•Abdominal pain: 1600 Block Lay Dam Road
•Motor vehicle accident: Interstate 65 S. at 201 Mile Marker

Feb. 19
•Appliance fire: 900 Block Windham Ave.
•General illness: 100 Block Lilly St.
•General illness: 1400 Block Fourth Ave. S.