Town council approves ballpark cleanup, public hearing for building nuisances

Published 12:51 pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maplesville street superintendent Kenny Barrett confirmed at Monday’s town council meeting that those responsible for the graffiti police found at the ballpark on Shanks Drive in January have cleaned it up.

Barrett supervised the cleanup efforts of four minors who confessed to applying white spray paint to the park’s press box, music pavilion, barbecue pit, playground equipment, restrooms and trees.

“They stayed up there for two days and got it all done,” Barrett said.

They were able to remove the paint from the music pavilion floor’s carpet, which Barrett said would have cost about $1,300 to replace.

The minors’ families have agreed to reimburse the town for expenses associated with supplies and Barrett’s time spent supervising the cleanup.

No further punishment or legal action was administered since the minors and their families cooperated with the town in repairing the damage and agreeing to pay expenses of town labor and supplies.

The families were given 90 days from the time of the agreement to pay $147.73 each to cover the total cost of the cleanup.

The street department recently bought a utility trailer for $650 to replace the one stolen in 2012.

Although the town’s garbage truck passed its annual inspection, Barrett said next year’s inspection would be different if the town does not make necessary repairs to it.

“It will not pass next year,” Barrett said. “Those were the words that came out of the inspector’s mouth.”

Mayor W.C. Hayes said he plans to have the truck fixed locally when the weather permits.

In old business, the council voted to hold a public hearing for properties deemed nuisances at its next regular meeting on March 11 at 6 p.m.

Lot 6 on Mobile Street (owned by Douglas McArthur and Rhonda Hall) and Lot 7 on Mobile Street (owned by Emmett Perry Wood and Timothy R. Mims) were deemed building nuisances because they violated a town ordinance, Ordinance 129 Section 1A, which prohibits buildings whose appearance detracts from the surrounding area or buildings with a safety hazard.

The council voted in January to grant the property owners until Feb. 11 to clean the properties after having notified them with a verbal warning and a written notice stating they had 120 days to complete their cleaning.

The property owners will have an opportunity to speak at the hearing March 11, after which the situation could be handled in municipal court and fees assessed to the owners’ property taxes for violating the ordinance.

The council agreed to send a written notice to the owners of the former Fulgham residence on Alabama Highway 139 giving them 120 days to clean the property in compliance with the same ordinance on building nuisances.

In other business, the council:

•Agreed to have Ralph Mitchell of the Fire Rescue Help Group Program come to a council meeting and explain how to send fire department run reports to him in order to stay current with paperwork for each month.

•Listened to EMS Assistant Chief Christine Epperson speak about Air Evac Lifeteam, a medical flight service and part of an air ambulance membership program available to the public. Air Evac membership sales manager Angie Carter is the contact person for the program (334-462-9146).

•Approved Police Chief Todd Ingram’s plans to bring on another part-time officer to work some of his shifts on weekends in order to give Ingram more time in the office during the week for administrative duties.

•Approved the warrant report and fees collected, including $5,452 collected on old warrants, $400 collected from the Safe Streets Act and more than $5,000 collected by probation services.