Heavy rain causes flooding and road closures throughout the county

Published 3:48 pm Monday, February 11, 2013

Heavy rain is in the forecast through Wednesday in Chilton County with the rest of the week remaining fairly dry.

Matt Grantham with the National Weather Service in Calera said Tuesday will be filled with rain showers throughout the day with the heaviest periods of rain during the afternoon and evening hours.

“There will be a lot of rain coming on Tuesday with the brunt of a system coming through,” Grantham said. “The good news is Wednesday should not be so bad with only a slight chance of showers and there should be some sunshine on Wednesday.”

Grantham said rainfall totals for Sunday through early Monday morning for Chilton County measured at three inches of rain.

“There were parts of the county that would have seen about two inches but the heaviest portion of rain was across the southern part of the county,” Grantham said.

2013 has not gotten off to a dry start with rainfall totals being 3.5 inches above normal for what January months in Alabama typically look like.

Grantham said the first two weeks of February are already proving to be above normal for February months in Alabama with three to four inches above normal for the year.

“It has been really wet so far this year,” Grantham said. “We are seeing a lot of rain.”

County engineer Tony Wearren said due to flooding, portions of five roads have been closed throughout the county.

Wearren said roads are closed when water gets to a level where the road is no longer visible.

“We typically have the same spots that flood when we have a lot of rain come through,” Wearren said. “There are low-lying areas throughout the county that when you get a few inches of rain, they will flood.”

Wearren said barricades are placed near the roads that require closing and will temporarily remain until the water dissipates.

Portions of road that have been closed are County Road 109 that intersects County Road 46, County Road 352, County Road 455, County Road 34 and County Road 350.