Commission votes to give county employees a pay raise

Published 4:55 pm Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Agee said he had worked on a solution to try to implement a one-cent sales tax of 90 percent of the tax going to fix the roads and bridges in the county and 10 percent of the tax going to the general fund.

“Fixing our roads will improve the value of the property and increase property taxes,” Agee said. “It will stimulate growth for the county as far as people moving in and investing and would hopefully open up doors for new growth.”

Agee pointed out that many residents in Chilton County travel to neighboring counties in the state and contribute to the growth of their community by paying money within their counties.

“I would like to see a lot of our residents stay within our county and contribute money to help this area grow,” Agee said. “The amount of money going to the road department could free up some money for other departments in the county. I think this is a win, win situation.”

Agee made a resolution to ask the local legislative delegation to introduce a bill allowing the citizens of Chilton County to vote for or against a one-cent sales tax.

Commissioner Shannon Welch seconded the motion with commissioners Headley and Mims voting against the motion and the rest voting in favor.

Caton said the resolution gives the people of the county the opportunity to have some say in what they would like to do.

“We are giving the people the opportunity to have better roads and bridges in the county and we are giving them the option to decide,” Caton said.